Video: Obama says Banking "my committee", not on it

Maybe now we know why Barack Obama never called a meeting of his subcommittee on European relations to discuss the NATO effort in Afghanistan.  Apparently, Obama is confused about his own committee assignments.  In Israel, Obama tried to claim a little credit for work on a bill done by the Senate Banking Committee — on which he does not serve:

The bill calls for divestment from Iran, a common-sense plan that has wide bipartisan support. Obama clearly wanted to claim credit for this effort, but as the Senate website clearly shows, Obama doesn’t belong on the Banking committee. Nor is Obama on any of the subcommittees.

Once again, Obama wants to claim credit for efforts on which he served no role. Either that, or Obama is such a dilettante that he has no idea on which committees he actually belongs. It could even be both. Neither gives any confidence that Obama has any grasp at all of his own job, let alone the one for which he’s campaigning. Maybe he needed a lot more than three years to get acclimated to national politics.