Look who's talking nuclear

The report about the US taking another look at nuclear power isn’t as remarkable as the news agency reporting it.  MS-NBC has developed a reputation for a lack of objectivity this year regarding Barack Obama and the upcoming election.  With Obama opposed to expansion of nuclear power — at least thus far — this sudden interest in the one massively-produceable, carbon-free energy resource can only mean that it has gotten so much buzz that even the Olbermann Network can’t miss it:

Note that they frame the piece by highlighting Three Mile Island and Chernobyl as if they were the same kind of incident and the same kind of reactor design right at the beginning of their report. However, they do manage to catch the Greenpeace spokesman, Jim Riccio, saying that we need to address climate change by finding energy sources that are “fast and affordable”. Like what — solar power? We’ve been gnawing on that bone for decades, and still can’t massively produce and store the energy. Same with wind, biomass, geothermal, and hydroelectric.

Well, we could get to oil, shale, coal, and natural gas in fast and affordable means — but I digress.

It may surprise some to hear that four to eight more reactors will go on line in the next eight years.  John McCain wants to build 45 of them by 2020, while Obama wants to wait for something better to come along.  It must be that fast and affordable mass-production energy source that we’ve waited for over thirty years for someone to find.  If MS-NBC is willing to tell that story, can another Obama flip-flop be far behind?  Will he stroll through one of the newer plants and declare, “This is not the nuclear power I thought I knew?”

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Jazz Shaw 5:01 PM on March 22, 2023