Video: The Code Pink Navy

Griff Jenkins did the difficult duty of covering the amphibious assault of Rep. Gary Ackerman’s residence in DC. The remarkable point about this demonstration is that Ackerman is a Democrat — and one more or less aligned with Code Pink’s foreign-policy impulses, which as this video shows, is terribly confused. Take a look at Griff’s presentation of the video last night on Hannity & Colmes:

Ackerman gets big hugs from the Code Pinkers, who apparently wanted to conduct a little pre-emptive strike on Ackerman. As he explains to Griff, he sympathizes with their demands. Ackerman brags about meeting with some of the worst despots of the last few decades, including Fidel Castro, Kim Il-Sung, the founder of the North Korean tyranny, and the architects of the Tiananmen Massacre. Ackerman thinks we need more diplomacy like that, because we should “hear other people’s perspective”.

Great. Let’s just ask Ackerman this: did any of his meetings result in even a modicum of increased freedom for the people these people oppress? No, they did not. Instead, they gave credibility to despots — and not just despots, but declared enemies of this nation. It doesn’t take a personal visit to understand the perspective of a Fidel Castro or a Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. They make themselves perfectly understood with their outrageous public commentary.

Barack Obama may need to throw Code Pink under the bus soon, though. They now want to fight any kind of sanctions at all against Iran, and Obama just endorsed “much tougher” sanctions — after he voted against them, of course. When will the Fuschia Flotilla give Barack Obama a wake-up call … and what position will he take when they do?

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