Did Hillary submarine Obama on FISA reform?

An interesting shift happened during the run-up to the final vote on the FISA reform bill this afternoon.  Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton voted in favor of amendments that would have stripped telecom immunity from the House bill up for a vote today.  Neither amendment came close to passage, and the Senate next moved to a cloture vote — which allowed one last opportunity for a filibuster.

Originally, both Hillary and Obama voted for cloture.  However, Hillary changed her vote before the tally closed, opposing cloture and supporting a filibuster.  A little later, she voted against the FISA reform — only one of 28 votes against — while Obama voted for its passage.

Has Hillary decided to woo the netroots in a bid to resurrect her presidential ambitions for 2008?  Obama hasn’t technically clinched the nomination yet.  The superdelegates can still change their minds before the first vote at the Denver convention.  Moreover, Obama hasn’t exactly broken a leg in a rush to assist her in retiring her campaign debt, either.

Could she have calculated her actions today in order to generate a grass-roots effort to get the nomination?  If so, could it work?

Update: Some commenters wonder whether this was an attempt to force her way onto the ticket as VP.  In fact, I think she just made that option even less likely than before.  Candidates do not choose running mates who make a point of showing them up, as Hillary just did today.