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It’s not what you think.  Vincent Curatola uses his Sopranos persona in another ad for the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace — which is also not what you think.  The CDW wants to defeat the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), which … is also not what you think, or at least not what its name implies.  The EFCA, also known as “card check”, would eliminate the requirement for secret ballots in union organizing, allowing both unions and employers to pressure employees on votes.

Curatola targets Al Franken, who supports the EFCA, in his own inimitable style:

Curatola is actually a moderate Democrat; he supported Hillary Clinton in the primaries, although she also backs EFCA. His efforts against Al Franken come expressly from this issue, which Curatola has backed for months. His easily-recognized persona makes this new ad just as effective as the first, and it will get plenty of play in Minnesota’s metropolitan areas of the Twin Cities, Duluth, and Rochester.

How much damage will this do to Franken? According to the polling cited by CDW, 65% of Minnesotans oppose the EFCA. Forty-one percent said they would less likely vote for a candidate who supported it; 37% of union households said they’d be less likely to vote for a pro-EFCA candidate. Eighty percent believe that secret ballots are a necessity for union organizing elections.

Only 15% of union household voters in Minnesota preferred “card check” for union organizing elections. Seventy-two percent prefer secret ballots. So why the big push for the EFCA? The union bosses need more revenue, and they need to organize more shops in order to get it. Workers don’t like paying dues for marginal benefit, but with “card check”, they can bully people into voting for union representation — and dues.

Franken may pay a big price for his support of the EFCA. Johnny Sac wants to make sure he does.

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