Chuck Norris kicks Congress

Well, not literally, despite how amusing that might be. Chuck Norris pulled into the pump and didn’t like what he saw. He gives a menacing look and a fist to the camera, but not before he gives Newt Gingrich and his American Solutions a plug for their Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less campaign:

Is it me, or does Chuck look less menacing with the dark glasses and the cap and the clean-shaven face? Regardless, he’s giving Congress some good advice, and advice they may be ready to heed. Roy Blunt sent out a press release pointing out that Reps. Steny Hoyer and Rahm Emanuel have acknowledged the need to boost domestic oil production:

Hoyer: So this is not a question where we have not authorized drilling. We’re for that. We want to find more product…[I]t ought to be incentive to look for new product and to explore and to drill and to get new product to the market, which would then bring the price down.

While this same concession has been made by Cong. Rahm Emmanuel (D-Il.) – who said we need “more production,” and even Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) who stated that Democrats aren’t “against any domestic oil production” – today’s pronouncement stands in sharp contrast to what Speaker Nancy Pelosi has oft said: “We cannot drill our way out of this.”

Maybe there’s hope after all, or perhaps it’s just fear of Chuck Norris. I’d take either if it means we can finally start acting like adults and take responsibility for our own energy needs, rather than begging other nations to drill more so that we can ignore our own vast resources.