Video: Fox breaks Bikinigate wide open

Today is May 1st, so it must be time for Nielsen Sweeps Month. Shep Smith and the folks at Fox News didn’t take long to get into the spirit of the event, either, getting a scoop in a scoop neckline. Studio B breaks a story on a teacher that lost her job, purportedly because she moonlighted (so to speak) as a Bikini Babe on a fishing charter. Count how many shots Fox downloaded of the teacher in her bikini:

After rolling through several skin shots and chatting with Tiffany Shepherd, who dressed appropriately for the occasion, Smith notes that the school district claims that they fired her for poor attendance, not for her second job. Ms. Shepherd scoffs at the notion, but then acknowledges that she missed twenty days during the not-yet-finished school year. Twenty days? Teachers have around 185 classroom days a year, meaning that she missed over 10% of her job. I’m not sure how many sick days one gets in teaching, but anyone missing 20 days in less than a year in the private sector would have been out of a job long before now.

So what is the burning national question that Fox News highlighted with this nationwide Studio B segment?

  • Education reform
  • Motherhood and career
  • Fish & Game violations
  • Skin

I’m guessing Answer #4. Even Shep couldn’t quite believe this editorial choice, as evidenced by his pained expression at the end of the segment. (Warning: video mildly NSFW)