Johnny Sac takes on the unions

We haven’t heard much about the proposal to end secret balloting for organizing votes of late, but the issue hasn’t gone away. “Card check” would open employees to intimidation from both unions and employers, as well as corruption through vote-buying, by publishing the vote of each individual, which goes against the centuries-old tradition of voting privacy. The Coalition for a Democratic Workplace has perhaps one of the most effective ads in recent political history to demonstrate the dangers represented by Card Check, thanks to instantly-recognizable Sopranos star Vincent Curatola:

With union special interests making support for the mis-named Employee Free Choice Act, or “card check” bill, a litmus test for candidate support, the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace (CDW) is launching a new public awareness campaign aimed at educating voters about this anti-worker legislation.

As part of its multi-faceted campaign, CDW is releasing a new television ad featuring a widely recognized character designed to engage and connect voters to the issue. The ad will begin airing on national cable news channels on Friday, April 25.

Curatola isn’t exactly a right-winger, either. He has come out in support of Hillary Clinton already, but he apparently doesn’t like the implications of Card Check. He provides an imposing and immediately understandable presence in this commercial; what kind of influences will Card Check unleash in the workplace?

This could have an impact on Congressional races this year, and perhaps even the general presidential election if Barack Obama wins the nomination against John McCain. CDW has generated a classic bottom-line ad that should alert people to the danger of this legislation — and ask why the labor unions are pushing it so hard. (via Brian Faughnan of the Weekly Standard)