Obama Hypocrisy redux: Now Pennsylvania has "turned the corner"

Just last week, Barack Obama castigated John McCain for stating the obvious — that the economy had expanded over the last seven-plus years of the Bush administration. Anyone who can read GDP figures after inflation could figure that out, but apparently Obama assumed that bitter xenophobes couldn’t manage it. After talking about how out of touch McCain is with the supposed economic disaster in Pennsylvania, Obama now admits that it doesn’t exist at all.

First, last week:

And now, yesterday:

Inside Bethlehem Brew Works, Obama sat for a snack with the restaurant’s founder, Michael Fegley, Fegley’s mother and two others. As he sipped a beer, he was asked what he’d learned about the Pennsylvania economy over the past several weeks.

”Pennsylvania has sort of turned the corner,” he said. ”It is not complete yet. We can still make some important investments that will take it all the way to a really robust economy. I think what we are starting to see is a lot of creative energy and a lot of job creation.”

Pennsylvania has now turned the corner! It’s amazing what Obama can do in just four days as a candidate. Imagine what he can do in four years as a President!

In fact, we have seen that energy and job creation during the entire Bush expansion. It came from keeping capital-gains tax rates low and government out of the markets. The policies that Obama champions would squelch that growth and job creation in favor of government handouts.