My Day of Scandal (and Media Alert)

It’s been a tough day here at the Morrissey household. I awoke to the sound of sniper fire in my office, forcing me to dash under the desk rather than do my normal greeting ceremony with my keyboard and a cup of coffee. After ensuring that Sinbad and the Little Admiral could conduct their show, I determined that the sounds of sniper fire came from a hard drive that had a meltdown overnight. All of my data and all of the programs necessary for my blogging and the Ed Morrissey Show had disappeared.

Embittered, I grabbed my gun and my Bible. I looked around for someone to hate, but the First Mate was the only one here — and I’m not stupid. Of course, I had to get to work, but I looked around in vain for a federal government solution to my problem, increasing my cynicism. That meant I had to fend for myself, and so I stopped clinging to my gun and Bible long enough to spend most of the morning adapting my backup laptop for the show today.

After the show was over, I took the computer back to Best Buy, which couldn’t track down the warranty information. I told them that I needed this resolved quickly, as I had some recipes on my hard drive, modified from a Baker’s Square codebook that I wanted to post as my own on Hot Air. They scoffed at the notion, saying that the drive had eaten my recipes, which might explain why it died in the first place. (I’m not a good cook.) They finally found my warranty, but their cynicism further embittered me to the point where I bought a Bible program for my computer.

Did you know that Best Buy doesn’t sell guns? Not even in my small Midwestern town?

I’ll have to rebuild the PC’s system when Best Buy replaces the hard drive. That will likely take all week. At 7 pm CT, I’ll discuss my bitterness with Rick Moran on his BTR talk show. By that time, I may find an immigrant or two to disparage as well, and I’ll have to restrain my anti-trade sentiments.