Goodbye, Hilly Rod

Elton John may need to crank up another version of Candle in the Wind for Hillary Clinton’s political career. He made an appearance in New York City with Hillary and Bill, who now struggle to gain traction against the Barack Obama campaign. While the Clintons limited themselves to appeals for more cash to keep their campaign in motion, the singer instead chose to chastise Americans for their bigoted opposition to the Hillary coronation:

There’s a real crowd at Radio City, complete with scalpers, and lines around the block for Elton John and the Clintons. …

Elton John was a bit edgier:

“I never cease to be amazed at the misogynist attitude of some of the people in this country,” he said. “I say to hell with them.”

Hey, Democrats. John’s talking about you. He thinks your favoring an African-American candidate indicates explicit bigotry on your part. After all, we Republicans haven’t had a chance to vote for or against Hillary in a national election yet — and the way things are going, we won’t ever have that opportunity.

Maybe John should take a deep breath. It’s an election, after all, and it involves more than just a beauty contest between the X and Y chromosome. It’s not like anyone’s writing songs pining for Hillary’s death, is it, Elton? Of course not.

I thought the existing identity politics meltdown was more than enough fun without importing over-the-hill glam rockers from two generations ago into the mix. At least it further confirms the superficiality of Democratic political campaigning at the highest levels. Perhaps next, we’ll see Hillary trying to prove herself more Jewish than Obama. (via Michelle)