Ask Ayman: When do we start killing the yahouds?

Dear Ayman: I have a problem with a Muslim group that claims to hate infidels and yahouds, but slaughters Muslims like sheep at a halal farm. What’s up with that?

In December, Ayman al-Zawahiri offered to take questions regarding the jihad from friends and foes alike. Evidently, he got flooded with queries about why al-Qaeda has killed tens of thousands of Muslims over the last few years and hardly any Jews at all. His answer? Patience, my brothers, patience:

Al Qaeda’s No. 2 man offered renewed threats to Israel Wednesday in response to the thousands of questions he received from jihadist message boards.

“We promise our Muslim brothers that we will strive as much as we can to deal blows to the Jews inside Israel and outside it,” Ayman al Zawahri said.

The questions were posted in response to Ayman al Zawahri’s December solicitation for online questions from “friendly or hostile” individuals and organizations with the promise that they would be answered one month later.

AQ has managed to kill everyone except the Jews ever since adopting Iraq as its main front against the West and the US. It managed to enrage their natural allies in western Iraq, the native insurgents, by raping their daughters and slaughtering just about everybody else. On its only other hot-war front in Pakistan and Afghanistan, AQ has murdered Pakistanis and Afghans with ease.

Zawahiri had an explanation for their indiscriminate aim. Either the killings were just a big mistake, or the fault of the infidels “as in the cases of al-Tatarrus”, or the use of human shields. I guess strapping bombs onto mentally challenged teenagers and having them walk through markets was a “big mistake”, as were almost all of AQI’s operations in western Iraq. And what Zawahiri calls human shields, we in the West refer to as “cities” and “highways” and “markets”.

They’re they Gang That Can’t Commit Suicide Straight. With radical Muslims like these, who needs infidels?