Video: McCain demands apology to Petraeus from Hillary

It’s delivered in John McCain’s low-key style, but it shows a flash of the zip that McCain can put into his rebuttals. We saw it at the Republican debates, and some have wondered whether we would see McCain employ some hard criticisms against either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. In this clip, he takes on both of them over their insistence on withdrawal from Iraq:

After the Tuzla debacle, no one on Hillary’s campaign wants to revisit the concept of “suspension of disbelief”. She complimented Petraeus on his honor and service earlier this month, but still has not withdrawn her implied accusation that Petraeus lied to Congress in his optimistic report last September. He appears in two weeks for another report, having shown that he told the truth in his last appearance. Will Hillary apologize, or act as though it never happened?

In case it’s the latter, then keep this video handy as well, from Blogs for John McCain: