Alert The Media: CNN appearance tonight Update: Video added

I’ll be a guest on Campbell Brown’s Election Center tonight on CNN, which runs from 8-9 pm ET. My segment will include Ezra Klein of the American Prospect and Amanda Carpenter of Townhall. We’ll have a roundtable on the latest developments in the presidential campaign, which means I’ll be spending the next couple of hours reviewing the Hot Air posts from today. Our segment should start at 8:40 or so, and at the very least, I hope I can get a better screen shot to use for my show posts each day.

We’ll leave this as an open thread for the show, and later either myself or AP will try to get the video.

Update: I’ve added the video below. Amanda will join me on tomorrow’s Ed Morrissey Show to talk more about this appearance, and on the campaign in general. Be sure to join us at 3 pm ET tomorrow …

Also, I have to say, CNN treats its guests very, very well. I had a great time doing this. And if you ever saw my first television appearance on MS-NBC about three years ago, you’ll know that this has been an acquired taste for me. You could sum up my first foray on television with two words …. rigor mortis.