He left his teeth in the Hanoi Hilton

The local media watchdog in the Soros-funded Center for Public Integrity web is the Minnesota Monitor. Perhaps most famous by the departure of the only real journalist it employed, Eric Black, and his admission that MinnMon existed on Soros’ money, it provides a haven for mostly unreadable Twin Cities progressive writers. One of them, Molly Priesmayer, proved that she and the MinnMon can’t even do research in their latest “news” story.  Molly notes the laughter erupting over John McCain’s teeth:

If bloggers are saying one thing about John McCain this week it’s that the 71-year-old has some serious grit. Of course, that grit comes in the form of McCain Mouth, a deformity that apparently causes teeth to look like a mess of yellowed and contorted Chiclets. Today, BuzzFeed.com has picked up on the mouth meme, turning McCain’s piano-key chompers into an official phenomenon.

The consensus? “They’re old.” And, “He looks like Reverend Kane from Poltergeist II.” And, “Dude has had a ton of plastic surgery, can’t he afford a dentist?”

While looks are an easy and lame target, it’s at least refreshing to see McCain’s teeth get a razzing (though, unfortunately, not a cleaning). It gets a little tiring listening to the same sexist cries that Hillary Clinton is just too ugly to be president. Hatin’ on the looks of all the candidates? Now that’s equality!

No, it’s the result of torture McCain suffered at the hands of the North Vietnamese.  As Michael Brodkorb notes — by doing something foreign to the Sorosphere called “research” — his teeth had to be replaced:

In 1968 he was offered early release, and when he refused, because others had been there longer, his captors went at him again; he suffered cracked ribs, teeth broken off at the gum line, and torture with ropes that lashed his arms behind his back and that were progressively tightened all through the night.” Source Vanity Fair, February 2007

“He spent two years in solitary confinement, suffered from dysentery and even tried to commit suicide by hanging himself with his own shirt.


In 1968, the Vietnamese broke off many of his teeth at the gum and tortured him for hours on end. They offered him early release, knowing his value as an admirals son, but he refused, saying others had been held captive longer.” Source  Daily Mail February 1, 2008

Mitch Berg has an accurate analysis of the MinnMon and its sponsors:

No, that’s just stupid and sophomoric.  Dinging Senator Clinton on her looks is stupid and sexist.  Ripping Senator McCain for the appearance of a mouth that had the living sh*t beaten out of it by NVA goons is its own punishment, at least among people with consciences.

Glad to see [former City Pages editor] Steve Perry’s bringing some professionalism to the good ol’ MNMon!

It’s a good reminder, however, that John McCain didn’t just dream up the danger he faced abroad.  He experienced plenty of sleep deprivation, but it wasn’t because he spent too many nights trying to conjure up snipers in Tuzla.  It was because he had to spend five and a half years being tortured as a POW just so idiots like Priesmeyer could have the freedom to make fun of the teeth he lost at the Hanoi Hilton.

What’s next, MinnMon?  Want to make fun of his arms, too?