A Tuzla greeting exposes Hillary

I missed this video earlier this week. Rich Noyes at Newsbusters delivers a coup de grace to Hillary Clinton’s credibility in a YouTube mashup. The assertion that Hillary went to Tuzla under such threat that she had to eschew a greeting ceremony and run for her waiting armored vehicle gets exposed as an absolute lie with contemporaneous reporting from the day in question. Take a look at the video, and see how closely it matches Hillary’s description of the event this week (via Matthew Yglesias):

It shows a clearly confident and unconcerns Hillary Clinton strolling off of her airplane, with a smiling 15-year-old Chelsea in tow, and stopping on the tarmac for the greeting ceremony Hillary claims never took place. Instead of dodging sniper fire from the hills, Hillary stops to listen to a poem from a Bosnian girl, and to thank the girl and embrace her. At no point in this video does Hillary show any sense of danger or haste.

Hillary Clinton lied about Tuzla. She lied about it to make people believe in her qualifications to handle national crises. If she sells her Tuzla greeting as a harrowing encounter with death, what other delusions would she try to sell us as President?