Political Shocker of the Day: Conservative talk-show producer can YouTube!

Politico has a scoop that will rock the political world: a talk-radio producer actually can put together a YouTube clip. No, wait, that’s not the scoop; apparently, the world will be shocked to know that Lee Habeeb of Salem Radio Communications doesn’t like Barack Obama. Still not shocked? Neither is anyone else (via Memeorandum):

A YouTube video mash-up that attacks Barack Obama on issues relating to his patriotism that has rocketed around the Internet in recent days was created in part by a prominent conservative talk radio producer.

“Is Obama Wright” splices together the most inflammatory language of Jeremiah Wright with a series of other issues that have arisen in the campaign, all of which have been fodder for a series of emails that question Obama’s loyalty to the country.

On Monday night, it had just over 500 views. By early Wednesday evening, it had received over 38,000 and was in the hands of activists and operatives in both parties.

In both parties? Hmmm. The Hillary Clinton campaign must have seen something it liked as well. And who authored this viral video, which Politico sees fit to embed on its own site? None other than our old friend Lee Habeeb, the former producer of the Laura Ingraham Show, where Hot Air’s former blogger Bryan Preston now works. Habeeb’s new gig has him working with the Salem Radio lineup, including my good friend Hugh Hewitt.

Scandal! Outrage! Er, no. Basically what we have here is an extended version of a Laura Ingraham audio outro, only with pictures. In fact, it doesn’t do anything except put together the words of Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright. The flag issue is just a little silly, and the studio-produced stammering is annoying, but the clip does make one point very clear — before The Speech, Obama had tried to claim that he didn’t know about any controversial statements at Trinity. Only after the avalanche of the material started to hit the airwaves did he have to reverse course and admit that he did know about them after all.

AP’s already linked to this video, but I’ll include it again. Ask yourself what’s so controversial about showing a person’s own words, even on YouTube.