Hillary Papers: Non-story on Vince Foster

The headline at the Wall Street Journal sounds so intriguing: “Clinton’s Calendar and Vince Foster”. The Washington Wire blogpost title conjures a connection that somehow sheds light on the suicide of the former Clinton adviser that has fueled a thousand or more conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, that headline provides the only connection, as Elizabeth Holmes wastes pixels by the bushel:

Among the many things Hillary Clinton’s schedule sheds light on are her activities before, during and after major events in her husband’s presidential tenure — such as the death of Vince Foster.

Uh, no it doesn’t, as Holmes herself explains in excruciating detail:

Foster, a lawyer from Arkansas, was in the same kindergarten class as Bill Clinton and worked at the same law firm as Sen. Clinton. After President Clinton was elected in 1992, Foster joined the White House as deputy White House counsel and handled many of the Whitewater-related tax returns. In July 1993, he was found dead in a park in Virginia with a gunshot wound. After a three-year investigation by Whitewater Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr, Foster’s death was ruled a suicide, but many conspiracy theories persist suggesting he was murdered.

The former first lady’s schedules reveal that the last time she met formally with Foster was more than a month before his death, on June 8, 1993. The schedule reads “Briefing for ATLA”—formerly the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, now the American Association for Justice—“w/ Vince Foster.” They met in Clinton’s office from 11 a.m. until noon, after which she had a private meeting. The details of that meeting were redacted from the schedule. …

The day before Foster’s death, Clinton was in Southern California. She spent the morning at Drew University of Medicine and Science in Los Angeles, touring the facility and meeting with students, then attended a luncheon in honor of Iris Cantor, the head of a foundation that supports, among other things, women’s health care. She spent the night at a hotel in Santa Barbara.On July 20, 1993 — the day of Foster’s death — Clinton spent several hours conducting media interviews. She had a live appearance on the “Michael Jackson Show” (with the following rule: “Note: NO Call-in questions”), talked with the WAVE newspaper and later flew from Los Angeles to Little Rock, Ark.

That day, a Tuesday, Foster was reportedly found dead at a park in around 6 p.m. local time. According to her schedule, Clinton would have been in the air at that time (she wasn’t schedule to land in Arkansas for another two and a half hours).

I searched in vain for anything newsworthy in this post, but found absolutely nothing. There are no connections to Foster’s death. Hillary was not in town when he committed suicide, and hadn’t had a scheduled contact with Foster for over a month. Nothing in the record Holmes reviews suggests any sort of unusual activity or behavior.

Why write this post at all? It might make sense if it was written to explicitly point out no connection between Hillary and Foster’s suicide in the schedules, but that’s not how Holmes writes this post. She claims that this sheds light on Foster’s death, but it provides nothing new at all. Only the most paranoid Clinton Derangement Syndrome sufferers thought that Hillary somehow arranged for Foster’s death, or that the Clintons had him “bumped off” at all.

The Wall Street Journal should know better than this. It panders to nutcases and then fails to deliver on the promise of its headline and lede. I await with bated breath the non-story regarding the non-connection between Hillary’s schedules and the overdose death of River Phoenix.