NAFTA Dance: Canadians On The Mole Hunt!

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper pledged not to rest until his government finds the leaker who exposed Barack Obama’s NAFTA Dance. The Conservative PM calls the leak “unfair to Senator Obama” and denounces the leak of the conversation and the memo:

Hey, now. When Adscam bounced the Liberals out of power in Ottawa, we American conservatives thought that Harper would help his cousins south of the border. How dare Harper get non-partisan now!Of course, Harper has no choice. While Barack Obama’s campaign adviser Austan Goolsbee should not have tried to play both sides of the NAFTA debate, the Canadian consulate had no business leaking the conversation to the press. It puts Canada in the position of attempting to game the American election. In fact, it wasn’t just an attempt: someone succeeded in deflecting Obama’s course in the primaries.

Harper needs to send a clear message to his diplomatic corps to act professionally. Canada may rely on NAFTA, but they need their integrity intact in all of their international dealings. If Obama manages to win this election, they will have to offer him the same friendship and alliance they offer any other American administration — and sneaking diplomatic conversations to the press isn’t a great way of building confidence and trust.