Dutch public broadcasters dump Bible-Koran violence relativism

Our friend Robert Spencer reports that the Dutch public broadcaster KRO has given up on its planned production to show that the Bible contains just as much potential for violence as the Koran. NIS News states that the reason that KRO put this project in turnaround is that the producers couldn’t make the case:

In his short film Fitna, intended to be shown in March, Wilders wants to show gruesome events said to be inspired by the Koran. KRO, nota bene itself a Catholic broadcaster, wanted to show that such a film could also be made about the Bible.

The film was “one of the plans for participating in the debate that Geert Wilders has aroused with his proposal to ban the Koran. After extensive research, linking Bible quotations with real political events and acts of violence however produced an insufficient basis for a thorough journalistic production.”

An “insufficient basis”? What does that mean? It means that context is everything. While no one doubts that the Bible contains plenty of violence, it comes in the context of history, not commands. Geert Wilders, the inspiration for this idea, understood the difference. KRO — which according to NIS is nominally a Christian broadcaster — didn’t have enough knowledge of the Bible to understand it themselves.

This is the silliness that accompanies moral relativism. In their quest to prove that all cultures are equal, they rush to excuse barbarity by discovering barbarity in our own religion. Only, we don’t see significant or even fringe “jihadi” movements in Judaism or Christianity, or for that matter in Buddhism or Hinduism either. Only one major religion has that kind of movement, and as Wilders demonstrated, it is based on the core scriptural texts of their belief. That doesn’t mean the vast majority of its practitioners are jihadists, but it does mean that there really are quantitative and qualitative differences between the two texts — which really should be an obvious point.

Perhaps “Christian” broadcaster KRO should familiarize itself better with the Bible. That way, it won’t have to issue embarrassing press releases that reveal their ignorance of its own scriptural texts.