Beyond Parody: Rachel Maddow's 'Exclusive' 2-Hour Stormy Daniels Interview Tonight

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How desperate is MSNBC to change the topic from Joe Biden's obvious mental and physical decline?

This desperate:


The entire country is riveted by the drama surrounding the Democrats' panic over Joe Biden's total collapse in front of the nation last Thursday. 

Biden did what any sane person thought would be impossible: make Donald Trump look uninteresting compared to Joe Biden. 

Did you ever think that Donald Trump would be the least interesting news story? Not just for one or two news cycles either--we have talked about little else than the drama of Democrat panic. 

Obviously, this is not the sort of story that Rachel Maddow wants to cover, so as the intellectual newshound that she is, Maddow is shifting topics. 

To Stormy Daniels. STORMY. DANIELS. 

Stormy Daniels has never been interesting, to be honest. The lawfare around her has been a legitimate story. The fact that Michael Avenatti became, briefly, a widely talked about potential candidate for president based on Stormy Daniels' thinly-sourced claims to have slept with the former president was an interesting story. 


But Stormy Daniels? She was the canvas upon which the hopes of Democrats to somehow take down Trump were painted. Her story begins and ends with an impossible-to-prove claim that President Trump shtooped her. 

What more is there to say? And how can it take two hours to say it? If you think back to the Stormy Daniels era of "scandal" you saw a lot of Avenatti, but hardly any Stormy Daniels. 

Because she really isn't interesting, except perhaps between her neck and her belly button. If you like that kind of thing. I am more of a leg man myself. 

The Trump years--from 2015 until he leaves this mortal coil--will be remembered as the time the Establishment poured gasoline on itself and self-immolated. Rachel Maddow built her career on marrying extreme partisanship with (pretend?) intellectual heft, but Trump has induced her to beclown herself repeatedly. 

Remember her breathless coverage of Trump's illegally leaked tax returns? Even her fellow liberals chuckled at how pathetic the attempt to take down Trump was in that case. Donald Trump's superpower is melting the brains of his political enemies. They somehow see Hitler when in fact he is simply anti-establishment, but hardly radical. 


Now, in the midst of a crisis that threatens to take down the Democrat Party this election cycle, Maddow trots out Stormy Daniels as a distraction. 

Nobody cares, Rachel. Not. One. Person. 

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