Reddit Bans Gays Against Groomers

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Anything goes on Reddit. 

Well, almost anything. If you oppose alphabet ideology, you are beyond the pale. Incest, child sex, rape, and other...questionable...sexual kinks are fine and dandy, but if you say a male is a man then it's time to shut you up. 


I do have to say that I am not in agreement with Gays Against Groomers that Reddit was exhibiting homophobia, except in the sense that they implicitly support medically altering potentially gay kids to trans the gay away. Functionally, trans ideology is anti-gay, but ideologically alphabet ideology is fine with homosexuality as long as it is married to Queer ideology. 

If you are anti-normal, anything goes. 

Gays Against Groomers is at the forefront of an emerging movement of gays who really meant what they said in the last decade--they wanted to integrate homosexuals into the larger dominant culture, expanding but not replacing the basic family structure. The ideological foundation of that particular movement was not based on fundamental hostility to Western Culture but a desire to participate more fully in it. 


Gays such as Bari Weiss, Spencer Klavan, and Andrew Sullivan fit into this category. It also happens to be a rather small one. Now that gay marriage is commonly accepted in the West, fewer than 10% of gays get married. In the US, between 1% and 2% of marriages are gay couples. 

That's because the ideological movement that underlies gay culture in America is fundamentally Queer and thus rejects the Western notion of humanity, human dignity, and basic family structure. It is not motivated by expanding participation in the culture--a movement much in line with the expanding definition of human rights that has characterized Western Culture for centuries--but replacing it with a cultural Marxist vision. 

GAG has been the target of Queer ideology since its inception--obviously, given Gays Against Groomers' pushback--and in the world of Big Tech censorship, only certain ideologies can be allowed to speak. 

Queer ideology--which is simply a version of cultural Marxism/critical theory--defines any challenge to people who reject normativity as "harm." Queers can be harmed, while people who participate in the larger culture, by definition, cannot be and in fact, are legitimate targets to be taken out metaphorically or even physically. 

You have the "privileged" and the "marginalized," and the marginalized have every right to suppress the "privileged." Privilege is not defined as you or I would, but solely by identity. 


GAGs as proponents of monogamy, age-appropriate behavior, and biology, are "privileged" and legitimate targets. Silencing them does not make them any less privileged because their existence itself is unjust in the eyes of alphabet ideology. 

Expect more of this and enhanced government targeting of groups such as GAG now that the Supreme Court has implicitly endorsed government collusion with Big Tech to censor disfavored ideas. 

We are developing parallel institutions. There will be sites like Twitter and Rumble and sites like YouTube and Facebook. The government will promote the latter, and kids will gravitate to them due to their message of 'liberation." 

Ugh. There are tough times ahead. 

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