LEGO Advertising Pride With Drag Queens and Furry Figures

AP Photo/James Brooks

Don't believe that the alphabet crowd is coming for the children?

If you still believe that you are blind, deaf, and very very stupid. 


I wouldn't have been shocked to see Lego pushing a special rainbow Pride set or something similar, and it would have annoyed me but not inspired actual disgust. After all, given what our kids see every day it would neither stand out nor be any more damaging than any other campaign that promotes sexuality to young children. 

But LEGO didn't choose to go that route. It's too mainstream. 

They have to be edgy, outré, pushing the boundaries. They must prove that their fealty to the alphabet mafia is 10x that of most companies, so they decided to go full furry. 

I haven't been to the LEGO store at the Mall of America in decades, but I can now easily imagine animatronic creations with LEGO men in assless chaps whipping each other or perhaps freaks in doggie masks and Army uniforms with their crotch areas exposed. 

Maybe that's next year. I predict that a full scene with a drag queen doctor doing a phalloplasty and a mastectomy on a 12-year-old will be the scene for 2030. 

There appears to be no limit to the degeneracy of the alphabet crowd, who have elevated Queerness to the status of a religious cult. 


We have celebrated our small victories against Bud Light and, to a certain extent, Target, but it's clear that the message hasn't gotten through to the corporate world that they should pay less attention to the Human Rights Council's Corporate Equality Index and more to the values of their customers. 

Unfortunately, I doubt that LEGO will pay the price for their celebration of child sexualization that Bud Light did for elevating Dylan Mulvaney. 

Why not? If I am right, their customer base is too young and too devoted to understand that they are being propagandized; hence, they will still want their LEGOs even if parents are repelled. 

And, as importantly, enough AWFLs will ignore or even approve of this embrace of "diversity" and "compassion" that the company will skate. They will satisfy the ESG mavens, stroke the erogenous zones of the HRC, and normalize furries and Queers for kids ages 0-99.

Am I making too much of this?

No, not at all. LEGO isn't going to convert kids into Queer Puppy Players or Sadomasochistic sex fiends--by themselves. They are part of a much larger movement that aims to fundamentally invert the values that have animated Western and almost every other culture for millennia. 


It isn't LEGO; it's all the Davos crowd. This is the Queer, pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia, degrowth communists who aim to reduce the population by billions and regulate every aspect of our lives. 

LEGO's Pride campaign is just a small part of a much larger project, and because it is small they will likely take a small hit for a few days and get away with it. 

If you had told people in 2015 or even 2020 that LEGOs would be celebrating furries in LEGO movie-style commercials they would have called you nuts. 

But here we are. 

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