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Before becoming Mayor of Chicago, Brandon Johnson was a social studies teacher, teachers' union leader, and Cook County Commissioner. 

A certified lefty socialist, he is proud to stand with the working man, as long as that working man is engaged in criminal activity of some kind. 


Johnson, you see, is of the new-fangled variety of lefty who believes that the best way to improve society is to destroy it, as long as people like Brandon Johnson are able to live well, look good, and get ahead themselves. He is fine with kids getting substandard educations, teenagers getting shot by the bushel, and the quality of life for citizens going down the tubes. 

Johnson sees himself as important enough to live by different rules. As with the Nomenklatura in the Soviet Union, the leaders of the revolution must be pampered to ensure they can do their important work of ruining others' lives. 

How pampered? Pampered enough that he can spend $30,000 a year on grooming, paid for by his campaign. 

His campaign, in turn, was funded almost exclusively by union members, many of whom are paid by taxpayers. 

Thirty thousand dollars may seem like quite a bit for makeup and hair styling--especially given that his hairstyle is rather pedestrian to my eyes. But what do I know? I am not a member of the Nomenklatura

Nearly all the money went to makeup artist and self-described “skincare enthusiast” Denise Milloy’s Makeup Majic, which is based in a home on the South Side. More than 30 payments were reported going to her in 2023 and 2024, records show.

The payments prior to Johnson’s 2023 election listed various descriptions including:

“Candidate makeup for TV.”

“Candidate makeup for debate.”

“Candidate makeup.”

“Makeup retainer.”

After Johnson took office last year, the payments to Makeup Majic have been explained only as “event expenses.”

Milloy says she’s “not at liberty” to talk about the work or the money from Johnson’s campaign.

Johnson won’t comment.

Previously, a campaign spokesman for the mayor said Johnson was proud that many of his campaign contributions had come from “working-class people” individually and through labor unions, which had given heavily to his election efforts.


Unsurprisingly, Johnson's campaign "mistakenly" listed a corner barbershop as his preferred coiffeur. However, he had to amend his campaign reports when it was pointed out that the barber never saw him nor got paid for doing his hair. It turns out that Johnson gets more personalized attention than a mere barber could give him. 

Johnson's hair and skincare expenses don't cross the line into scandalous as far as I know; rather, they tell us the true nature of leftism in the 21st century. Whether it is Black Lives Matter activists scamming tens of millions from corporate and individual donors to buy mansions or politicians living high off the hog as they lecture us about the working man, the left is well into the skimming the cream off the milk phase we have seen in every leftist movement. 

Of course, hypocrisy in politics is as surprising to find as pig excrement is in pig styes, so my disgust is not aimed at Johnson per se. Rather, it is at the people who take him or other leftists seriously when they make morally serious pronouncements. 

Brandon Johnson isn't some moral leader, just as Joe Biden isn't sharp as a tack and ethically pure. It would be much less frustrating if the media were honest about this rather than shoveling their bulls**t at us. 

For me, it always comes back to the Pravda media, who portray anybody to the right of Marx as a selfish capitalist pig who wants to enslave everybody, and the Joe Bidens and Brandon Johnsons of the world as moral paragons fighting for the working man. 


Give it a rest. 

I know that when I vote for Donald Trump this November, I will be filling in an oval for a flawed man who made his money through ruthlessness. For the most part, he directed his ruthlessness at others in the same game and nobody got hurt too badly in the process. 

He doesn't pretend to be a moral paragon, and I don't pretend I am voting for one. I want the government reined in; he promises to do it. Good enough. 

The left is filled with people promising utopia while ripping off the little guy, getting rich off of graft, and, in Johnson's case, using union dues to make himself look pretty. All while making Chicago a worse place to live. 

The media tells me to hate Trump and love Johnson while primping and preening that they are defenders of democracy. 

Gag me. 

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