Gaza Pier Is Biden Presidency in a Nutshell

U.S. Army via AP

All hat and no cattle. All bark and no bite. Useless as tits on a bull. 

That's Joe Biden. It would be an improvement if he only failed at everything he tried. Instead he makes things worse. 


Just as Jimmy Carter's presidency could be summed up in the failed attempt to rescue the hostages in Iran, Biden's can be summed up by his Gaza Pier. 

Announced during his State of the Union Address, the $320 million pier was a stupid idea made worse by an execution that could, at best, be characterized as incompetent. The floating pier took months to build, delivered almost no aid to Gaza, none of the aid made it to the intended recipients, was attacked by Hamas with mortars while a UN official was inspecting it, and broke apart in seas that a fishing boat would have easily survived. 

The idea was stupid from the beginning, and it was pure Biden. I am mildly surprised that he didn't just send over pallets of cash to create a solid foundation. Surely, Jerome Powell would have been happy to print them for him. I am not surprised that he didn't send his precious transgender soldiers to build it, given that they are far too vital to national security to risk in the middle of a war zone. 


The military spent more time building the pier than it actually existed as a functioning pier. We didn't have the sealift capacity to get it to Gaza in a reasonable time, and it was never designed to survive even modest waves--waves that are common in the region. 

It was an idea. A notion. An intention of some sort, and a stupid intention at that. Biden's Israel policy of late has been to leave Hamas intact, supply the terrorists with aid, prevent Israel from ending the war, and extend the suffering of the Palestinians in Gaza. 

The Biden administration's argument that the pier was a success boils down to "we spent money and harmed our troops," so we should honor the troops for following Biden's stupid orders. 

I have no problem with honoring the troops. I have a problem with the orders. 

Not that Biden knows anything about how to win wars. Wars are bloody things; they should never be engaged in for light reasons, but if you go to war, your object should be to win and win quickly. The longer wars drag on, the more blood is spilt. This same lesson applies to Ukraine. Or Vietnam. Or any war. Never, ever drag it out. 


Brett Stephens wrote a piece in The New York Times that hit the nail on the head:

Wars are won through violence of action. You destroy the enemy. Break their will and their capacity to fight. It's brutal in its simplicity. 

Hamas is not broken. Not in the least. 

We learned in Vietnam that body counts are nearly irrelevant. If the will remains, the bodies will be replaced. Brutal, unrelenting violence breaks wills. Breathing room doesn't. 

Today, Israel and Ukraine are engaged in the same kind of wars. We know that not because they say so but because their enemies do. Vladimir Putin believes that the Ukrainian state is a fiction. Hamas, Hezbollah and their patrons in Iran openly call for Israel to be wiped off the map. In response, both countries want to fight aggressively, with the view that they can achieve security only by destroying their enemies’ capability and will to wage war.

This often ends in tragedy, as it did on Sunday when an Israeli airstrike targeting Hamas leaders reportedly led to the deaths of at least 45 civilians in Rafah. This has always been the story of warfare. Terms like “precision weapons” can foster the notion that it’s possible for modern militaries to hit only intended targets. But that’s a fantasy, especially against enemies like Hamas, whose method is to fight and hide among the innocent so that it may be rescued from destruction by the world’s concern for the innocent.

It’s equally a fantasy to imagine that you can supply an ally like Ukraine with just enough weaponry of just the right kind to repel Russia’s attack but not so much as to provoke Russia into escalation. Wars are not porridge; there’s almost never a Goldilocks approach to getting it just right. Either you’re on the way to victory or on the way to defeat.


You can support our intervention in these wars or not, but if you support them, you should support victory. Victory is likely now out of the grasp of Ukraine because the Western allies decided to give Russia safe havens and breathing room. 

Biden wants to do the same in Rafah--making the city a safe haven for Hamas to rebuild. 

It's pure Biden. It's his Iran policy. His Afghanistan policy. His Ukraine policy. 

Burn up dollars and hope something good happens. The result is victory for our enemies. 

The pier was the apotheosis of this policy. Biden spent hundreds of millions delivering aid to Hamas--not civilians, but Hamas--and then the pier fell apart. 

So now parts of the pier are sinking; others have washed ashore. Boats are grounded. And the US is humiliated. 

Biden in a nutshell. The MSM in a nutshell too. I saw parts of the pier floating away days ago on Twitter, but the failure of the pier was ignored for days and now only muted stories are out there. 

From the SOTU to the memory hole. Pure Biden, pure MSM. 


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John Stossel 1:00 PM | June 15, 2024