Why Isn't the MSM Talking About the Hostages?

AP Photo/Ariel Schalit

If you only paid attention to the MSM coverage, you could be forgiven for not realizing that there are still American hostages being held by Hamas. 

It's not that the fact is exactly hidden; rather, they are barely mentioned. It's almost as if the media considers them as unimportant as the Americans left behind in Afghanistan. Remember them? Few do, because the media dropped that story like a hot potato. 


Perhaps is they were transgender, they would get a mention. But no, they are only Jews for the most part, and Jews are settler colonialists. 

When I saw this tweet I decided to do a Google News search for "American Hostages in Gaza" and was struck by the paucity of coverage and the fact that the stories are so infrequent. Take a look at the top results:

The first result 2 weeks ago. Then January 22nd. Then, one month ago. A generic story on the hostages five days ago. And more from 2 weeks ago. 

It was hardly the sort of coverage that created Nightline in 1979. No doubt one of the reasons that this is getting so little coverage is that the Iran Hostage Crisis likely cost Carter the election, and the MSM is freaked out that coverage of the Gaza Hostage Crisis could do the same to Biden. 


There has been a concerted effort to erase all the hostages--posters being ripped down, cries of "fake news," and an effort to memory-hole the atrocities of 10/7. 

But few things are as obvious--if you remember the hostages exist--than the lack of coverage of the Americans being held hostage by Hamas. They barely exist. 

In the VOA story from 2 weeks ago, one of the most ridiculous things that stood out to me was this falsehood:

“The Vice President underscored that President [Joe] Biden and she have no higher priority than reuniting the hostages with their loved ones,” according to a White House readout of the meeting. “She also reaffirmed the U.S. commitment to bring home the remains of those who have been tragically confirmed to be deceased.”

No higher priority? Really? Do you see any evidence of that? I sure don't. They don't even get mentioned by the doddering president or the cackling Vice President. 

It is as if they don't exist. And that is how they want it. 

One of the key ways the MSM shapes the narrative is by choosing what they cover and what they ignore, and they are assiduously ignoring anything related to Hamas' perfidy. We hear "Israel bad" all day, every day, and calls for a ceasefire, yet most Americans haven't a clue that Hamas is the party that keeps turning offers of a ceasefire down. 


They want to keep the hostages--the few they haven't killed, that is. 

Biden doesn't want any focus on this issue because it makes him look bad, and the regime media is totally compliant. 

However much you hate and distrust the media, you still overestimate their integrity. 

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