Columbia Switches to Fully Remote Classes; UPDATE: Faculty Walkout in Support of Protesters

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Remote learning is back, as Columbia University has ceded its campus to the antisemites. 

No, I am not kidding. Columbia has fallen. Hamasholes now occupy the campus, and the administration appears to have conceded the campus to them. 


I guess this is what decolonization looks like. Decolonize Columbia! Can we have our degrees now and six-figure jobs?

NEW YORK -- Columbia University switched to remote learning Monday, as pro-Palestinian protests are expected to enter their sixth day on the school's campus in New York City. 

Columbia University President Minouche Shafik announced classes would be held virtually "to deescalate the rancor and give us all a chance to consider next steps." The university initially said it would offer a remote learning option, but then made it mandatory. 

Barricades remain in place outside the school gates, and CBS New York has learned additional security guards will be on patrol, along with enhanced ID-checks at entrances.

"Faculty and staff who can work remotely should do so; essential personnel should report to work according to university policy," the president's statement continued. "Our preference is that students who do not live on campus will not come to campus."

Shafik said she wants to sit down, talk and even "argue" to come up with a compromise to the tensions on campus, adding a group of deans and administrators will help facilitate those conversations in the coming days. 


So far, students who live on campus will not become homeless and hungry, as Ilhan Omar's daughter has claimed she has become since being suspended from Columbia. Of course, some fraction of those students have chosen a new home on the campus quad, living in tents and demanding that Columbia somehow stop the war in Gaza. They are probably having Uber Eats deliver them food as they protest. 

Unfortunately, the administration at Columbia has something of a point. The campus has become unsafe for Jews, with students calling for their exclusion, chasing them off campus, and even calling for their deaths. If I were a Jewish student I would likely want to stay away. 


A Rabbi at the school has told Jewish students to leave as the university cannot guarantee their safety. At Yale, a Jewish student was sent to the hospital after he was stabbed in the eye with a Palestinian flag. Taking a brave stand is one thing, but having your eye poked out is probably not worth the minor moral victory. 

This is, as I say, what decolonization looks like. Decolonize Columbia! 

The thing is, remote learning is hardly the same thing as in-person classes, and Columbia ceding its campus to the radicals is, among other things, cheating every student out of the education they are paying nearly $100,000/year to get. 

Not that this matters, of course, because the value of a Columbia degree is more in prestige than the education, and by ceding the campus, Columbia has devalued that as well. No employer with an ounce of sense would hire one of these radicals. 


Anybody who argues that the students are merely exercising their free speech rights is simply insane. Riots, occupations, closing down streets without permits, and intimidation are not speech. They have more in common with Kristallnacht than Martin Luther King's speech on the National Mall. And everybody knows that. 

For over a decade, we have been lectured about "safe spaces," which is code for oppressive speech codes and censorship. 

Now we see what "safety" really means: a takeover that serves only the Left. We all knew it; now everybody can see it. 

Our cultural elite has fostered this behavior, believing it would forever be directed at the Right. They loved it. They encouraged it. They called protesters camping out and using bullhorns at night in front of Supreme Court Justice's houses wonderful. 

Now, they are facing the monster they created. 


Similar encampments are popping up on college campuses across America, to which I say, "Good." Not because I approve of the content, of course, but because these universities created this and should face the consequences. 

We have had to for years. 

UPDATE: There has been a faculty walkout at Columbia in support of the student protesters. 

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