Why, Doritos, Why?


I confess to liking Doritos, although I never buy them. But when I visit my father-in-law who always has a stash of Frito-Lay snacks I always snag a bag or three. Or four. 


They aren't good for you, of course, but most of us enjoy the small pleasures of salty carbs, so my guilt is only modest. 

Now, not so much. Frito-Lay Spain has partnered up with a transgender pedophilia advocate whose mission in life is to destroy the nuclear family--to sell Doritos. 

Samantha Hudson, the stage name for a fringish technopop star, revels in controversy. In fact, "his" career began with a controversy sparked by an art video he made in High School, in which he pranced around his home and in public in underwear doing scandalous things while dancing. Vogue loved it. 

Back in 2015, when Samantha Hudson was just a 15-year-old student studying at Josep María Llompart high school in Mallorca, she was given an art class assignment to make a video over the holidays. On a whim, Hudson decided to write an original song—titled “Maricón” after the Spanish gay slur—and film a music video for it around her home city of Palma. Against a stomping electroclash beat, Hudson writhes in her underwear in a dimly-lit room and twerks on a beach while singing: “I’m a maricón and I love the church / but they won’t let me in because I make a scene.” Weird, wonderful, and impossibly catchy, it received full marks from her art teacher. 

Case closed, you might think—but it turns out submitting that video was just the beginning of Hudson’s journey. “The religion teacher saw it and went and contacted the bishop of Palma, and they started campaigning against me and the teacher—because the video was so amazing, I think,” Hudson adds, with a wink. “So he got all the right-wing parties here involved and they managed to get 27,000 signatures to have me taken out of high school.” While Hudson’s attitude to the scandal today is amusingly breezy, the political firestorm stoked by “Maricón” was as serious as it comes—everyone from the minister of education to far-right “family values” groups denounced the video, while queer activists pushed back against the criticism just as fiercely.


Nothing better for your career appealing to degenerates than to spark a controversy, and he has made the most of it. Nine years later he is a performer and now a brand ambassador for Doritos in Spain. 

Over the years he has kept up the controversy meter by tweeting pedophilic fantasies and disparaging victims of sexual abuse victims. He claims they were jokes, and perhaps so. But most people don't laugh at jokes about shoving 12-year-old girls where the sun doesn't shine

The translated tweets are disturbing. 

It is all intended to shock and it succeeds. For a performer it's the sort of thing at which one rolls one's eyes, unless he is brought into schools to teach ethics or something. It is similar to all the Satanic crap you see. It outrages, but doesn't surprise anymore. 

But for a mainstream brand like Frito-Lay to embrace this is yet another sign of the normalization of degeneracy in our societies. The Western world itself is degenerate. 


Somebody in a boardroom decided that making a transgender pedophile a brand ambassador was a good idea. 

Dylan Mulvaney is Mary Poppins compared to him, and no doubt Doritos and Frito-Lay are aware of the Bud Light/Dylan Mulvaney fallout. 

This is no mistake. There is no error in judgment. This is, in fact, a conscious decision to spit in the eye of ordinary people. When your brand ambassador declares that it is his goal to destroy the foundation of Western society--in fact almost every society ever--and jokes about (?) performing sex acts with "the little ones," you have chosen the wrong side in the culture war. 

The uproar over Dylan Mulvaney was about the insult to customers, not "diversity and inclusion." Bud attacked its "frat boy" customers. 

Frito-Lay? They decided to insult nearly everybody. "Not Queer? Screw you! And by the way, if you are dumb enough to get married and have children, please lend them to me so I can pleasure them." That Samatha Hudson says these vile things is disgusting. 

That Frito-Lay endorses and amplifies them? Unforgivable. 

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