His Name is Mr. FAFO, Crisis Actor

The other day I wrote about Hamas’ use of crisis actors to generate sympathy for the Palestinians in Gaza and by extension Hamas.

One man in particular stood out, both for his ubiquity and for his less-than-Oscar-worthy acting skills. He now has a name: Mr FAFO.


The etymology of the name is obvious, and it came about because some wag had put together shots of him celebrating Hamas’ victorious actions in one frame and his crying about the inevitable results, surrounded by rubble.

Well Mr. FAFO has been popping up all over the place, including in a New York Times story and a video clip on the BBC. In both cases, he was presented as a victim of Israeli aggression.

German TV, on the other hand, did an entire story about FAFO’s fraud. Gee, it is amazing what actual reporting can accomplish when you try it.

It didn’t take special genius or great sleuthing abilities to suss out the fact that FAFO here is 10 lbs of BS in a 5 lb bag. I wrote about it days ago, and I was simply relying on random Twitter accounts out there who spent a few minutes going through video from Gaza.


Even clueless White folk who “can’t tell them apart” because “they all look alike” could recognize FAFO. He is about as distinctive-looking a guy as you can find. He has the face of a character actor in any B-movie or sitcom, meaning that you recognize him instinctively. Just that type of face, and his beard has a very distinctive pattern. Could be a recurring figure on Seinfeld, walking around New York doing New Yorker things.

There is now a name floating around for all the 2nd-rate but highly effective propaganda being pumped out of Gaza: Pallywood, and despite the horrors of war (or because of it, using gallows humor), it has become something of a joke. A joke because only the most credulous, like New York Times and BBC reporters, could fail to recognize how contrived it all is. So FAFO is showing up in memes now, proving that the average meme creator has an IQ 30 points higher than a BBC reporter.

It’s almost like the MSM want to believe it all so badly that they ignore the contradictions. Like that dead guy always popping up in new videos. Hey, wait…were they identical quintuplets or something? See, that indigenous Palestinian medicine must be miraculous!


There are reporters covering Gaza more fairly, but they stand out so much that it only emphasizes how distorted the average report from Gaza actually is.

Some of the best Pallywood productions, or most entertaining at least, are from the supposedly electricity-free hospitals in Gaza. You have the fake urgency, the bright lights, the extras overacting, and the recurring characters who magically change roles between patients, doctors, radiologists, and corpses.

I have no doubt that there are places in Gaza that are hazardous to one’s health, but there seem to be many that are safe enough to do play-acting for the media.

Israel should change that. No place should be safe for Hamas in Gaza, or anywhere else. If there are enough places available to set up Pallywood acting sets, there aren’t enough bombs falling. Let the BBC and NYT set up refuges for Pallywood actors to do their thing far away from Israel. They can then help produce the propaganda footage themselves and up the acting quality.


I take no joy in the death of civilians, although I have a hard time taking seriously the claimed horror that the “From the River to the Sea” folks claim to feel; after all, they weren’t horrified at all about Israeli deaths, about which many of them exulted. So screw them.

Civilian deaths in war are a necessary evil, and Hamas declared war (long ago, actually). In World War II the Allies didn’t just kill German civilians, but the invasion of France left many French civilians dead as well. Everybody knew that would happen, tried to minimize it, and then did what was necessary to win the war.

The alternative was the spread of Nazi evil, which was a worse outcome.

As I said, German TV wasn’t taken in because, well, they chose not to be. They actually were curious about the recurring character in Hamas’ movie.

That is called journalism. The MSM here should try it.

To give you an idea of just how distorted the view of Gaza’s plight is if you trust the MSM, you should know that Hamas held a premier screening of their atrocities for a large and cheering crowd in the heart of Gaza City. Not only is the crowd cheering the rape and murder of innocents, they are doing so surrounded by well-lit apartment buildings and utterly unconcerned about Israeli attacks.


Because they are doing it outside a hospital.

Does this mean we should have no concern about civilian casualties? Of course not. But it certainly proves that there is no “genocide” or “indiscriminate” bombing going on. If there were genocide, Gaza would be leveled by now. If the Israelis were indiscriminate and didn’t avoid civilian casualties, this disgusting screening of the “Genocidal Greatest Hits” movie would have been a juicy target.

Pallywood works because the MSM wants it to work. It is not genius screenwriting or acting that makes it effective–it is the collaboration of the MSM, who distribute the productions as if they are real. They know that they are fake, but it makes good copy and is ideologically pleasing to them.

The same can be seen in how the protests in Western countries are portrayed. We keep being told they are about peace when they are really all about the antisemitic hate of Israel. “From the River to the Sea” means “from the Jordan River (one border of Israel) to the Meditteranean (the other).


The entire land Judenrein. Preferably filled with corpses. This is what they really mean:

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