Each FBI Director is more corrupt than the last

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By now the only people who won’t admit that Donald Trump is bad at hiring people are blind, deaf, and unfortunately not dumb. They will loudly proclaim that Trump hires only the best people, even though Trump himself has an almost 100% record of attacking his hires at some point and calling them traitors. I take Donald Trump at his word: he sucks at hiring people.


One example of Trump’s almost unerring ability to hire bad people we have the case of Christopher Wray, the current FBI Director. Trump picked Wray after he fired the execrable James Comey, who could teach a Master’s Class in abusing his power. Apparently, Wray took the class himself and decided to develop new techniques for abusing power. It seems like every week or two we learn of another case where the FBI either acts as Biden’s personal Stasi or abuses its power in other ways.

Back in April The New York Times reported on the fact that a government agency illegally contracted with a software company that produces spying tools. The company had been put on a proscribed list, yet despite that fact, an unknown government agency secretly contracted with them.

When the story broke, the White House–which had recently created the order not to use the hacking firm NSO–asked the FBI to find out who had broken the law.

It took months of investigation, but the FBI got to the bottom of the dastardly plot and revealed their findings.

It was the FBI. The FBI broke the law and secretly contracted with NSO in order to use their hacking software.

When The New York Times reported in April that a contractor had purchased and deployed a spying tool made by NSO, the contentious Israeli hacking firm, for use by the U.S. government, White House officials said they were unaware of the contract and put the F.B.I. in charge of figuring out who might have been using the technology.

After an investigation, the F.B.I. uncovered at least part of the answer: It was the F.B.I.

The deal for the surveillance tool between the contractor, Riva Networks, and NSO was completed in November 2021. Only days before, the Biden administration had put NSO on a Commerce Department blacklist, which effectively banned U.S. firms from doing business with the company. For years, NSO’s spyware had been abused by governments around the world.

This particular tool, known as Landmark, allowed government officials to track people in Mexico without their knowledge or consent.

The F.B.I. now says that it used the tool unwittingly and that Riva Networks misled the bureau. Once the agency discovered in late April that Riva had used the spying tool on its behalf, Christopher A. Wray, the F.B.I. director, terminated the contract, according to U.S. officials.


I may not be that bright, but it seems to me that answering the question of WHO did the deed would be pretty easy if you begin your investigation with the answer and every single scrap of evidence in your possession. About all one has to do is open your mouth and say: “Gee boss, it was me.”

But no, that would be too easy. Every single scrap of information from the FBI has to be extracted like an impacted wisdom tooth. Wray goes before Congress and can’t seem to recall a thing–dementia is a common theme in the Biden Administration, it seems–or the matter is under perpetual investigation, so no information can be revealed.

We’ll get back to you in September 2158, when we anticipate that all the I’s are dotted and T’s crossed.

The FBI has been on a roll with spying lately. We keep hearing about abuses of FISA powers to the tune of hundreds of thousands of illegal database inquiries, and now we learn about illegal spying software.

FBI Director Wray terminated the contract, and we are all supposed to be fine with that. Just as Wray promised, even Pinky swore, that the FISA abuses would stop real soon now.

There is one thing I think we can be sure of, and that is that nobody will pay a price for having violated any of these laws.

The FBI isn’t a law enforcement agency anymore. It is a tool of the Establishment. It spent years going after Donald Trump, it spent years censoring true information, it spends its time going after anybody the Establishment dislikes, and spies on Americans with impunity.


Some might say it is out of control, but that is wrong. It is very much under the control of the Left, and should be disbanded.

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