They are laughing at us

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I am almost used to the constant gaslighting from the Elite. It can be infuriating at times, despite the fact that by now we shouldn’t be surprised. Still, there are cases so blatant that I can still be shocked.


That happened yesterday when Kelley Robinson of the Human Rights Campaign told an obvious lie to a Congressional committee that was refuted in seconds. The sheer, breathtaking audacity it took still had the power to shock me. I mean, lying to Congress is a crime. Yet Robinson told that lie with impunity, and the Democrats all nodded along in agreement.

The audacity was breathtaking. She said something she knew to be provably false, and…it’s hunky dory. No big deal.

But that was pure gaslighting. This…this is a straight-up insult that is intended to completely humiliate and infuriate half the country.

Randi Weingarten is one of the great villains of the COVID pandemic era. She bullied the CDC into recommending that schools be closed, led the campaign to accuse conservatives of racism and indifference to life for wanting to open schools, and assured the country that “kids are resilient” and that there would be no damage from keeping kids out of schools for months or years.

As the head of the American Federation of Teachers, she had the CDC on speed dial and helped write the public health recommendations that harmed so many and cost millions of kids both the learning opportunities of going to school and for many, their mental health. Millions of kids who were denied schooling during the pandemic have disappeared entirely from the school system, and many of those are involved in the crime wave terrorizing the country.


Here in Minneapolis most of the hundreds of carjackings are done by teenagers as young as 13-14 years old–kids that will likely never go to school again.

Thanks, Randi! Great job!

The American Federation of Teachers has just endorsed Joe Biden again, and Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security has returned the favor by giving Randi a voice in Homeland Security.

Homeland Security. You know, the guys who apparently will lead the charge to close down schools and open up our borders.

Those guys.

Why is Randi Weingarten a great choice for helping defend our country from threats? I guess you could say that she knows about being a threat to America as we know it, given her experience being one herself.

But no, Secretary Mayorkas, himself a great fan of letting terrorists enter the country unhindered, has another explanation:

“Leaders of our academic institutions and campus life have a great deal to offer in helping us counter the evolving and emerging threats to the homeland,” said Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas. “The Homeland Security Academic Partnership Council’s insights into strategic research, innovation, career development, and partnership opportunities for the Department will support our mission to safeguard the American people, and help our country think through and prepare for whatever threats lie ahead.

Yep. Sounds like Randi Weingarten to me. I feel safer already.

Of course, this is a payoff for ensuring that Joe Biden can count on millions of ground troops for his reelection effort, especially during the primaries. He is, after all, facing a big challenge. A lot of Democrats are a bit worried about Biden being at the top of the ticket and looking for alternatives.


Funny how that happens when your main qualification for the job is dementia. That works fine until an election comes because the Leftist apparatchiks can run things without interference. But when elections roll around a bunch of dedicated and thoughtless drones helping you out is a nice thing to have, and Biden is going to need them.

But this is also about humiliating us. Those of us who are furious about the damage done by Weingarten and company are being laughed at.

“What are you going to do about it, scum?” Biden and company are like mob bosses humiliating their victims. It is not enough to steal our stuff and beat us up. We must be humiliated and dispirited. They must show us contempt on top of everything else.

Everybody knows Weingarten damaged millions of children intentionally. That she lied then and has lied since, claiming that she worked tirelessly to get schools open as quickly as possible. She, too, lied to Congress about that, and she, too has gotten away with it and been showered with praise by Democrats.

The Democrats just don’t care. They literally don’t care about the children and families whose lives were upended and in many cases ruined by these policies. Wealth was transferred to them, and power was accumulated by the Elite. It was a great thing if that is all you care about.


Appointing Randi Weingarten to a Homeland Security committee is yet another slap in the face to everybody who is angry about what has been done to America. A union hack is suddenly a national defense expert?

No. This is about signaling that she got away with so much and now is in a position to do even more damage the next time some “emergency” pops up.

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