Worship the pregnant man!

Pride month in 2023 is promising to be a nonstop celebration of the most depraved and deranged people in the world.

By that, I don’t mean that people whose sexual preferences differ from mine are depraved and deranged. I have long since given up caring about others’ private sexual practices. I still get annoyed at the idea that I must celebrate others’ sexual preferences–a bizarre practice that reduces people to their most animalistic desires. And Pride parades always turn my stomach, as I really have no desire to see nearly naked men carry out sadomasochistic sexual play in the street.


This year, though, we are being treated to especially bizarre propaganda centering on the normalization of transgender ideology, which, for the life of me, seems to have nothing to do with society accepting gay people. Rather it actually seems to be an ideology that is dedicated to transing the gay away.

British Glamour magazine, a sister publication to the US’s Glamour, has a special “Pride” issue that headlines the pregnancy of a transgender “man.”

The idea, I suppose, is to normalize the ridiculous proposition that men too can have babies and that sexual dimorphism is a myth propounded by transphobic White Supremacists who have colonized the world and reduced all nonconforming people to slaves.

Or some such nonsense. It’s hard to keep up because these people’s reality changes by the second, and we are all expected to keep up.


I have no particular opinion about this mentally ill person, although I fear for her child’s sanity as she will be raised by an insane parent. But Logan Brown? I can easily avoid her and she will have zero impact on my life. At least she would were it not for Glamour UK using this mentally ill person as a poster child for the future of the human race.

Logan is a profoundly unhappy person–even here she talks about her shame at becoming pregnant despite her being a “man.” Pretty clearly she was having heterosexual sex using her original body parts–that’s how one accidentally gets pregnant after all. For some reason, she pretends to be a man and mutilated herself, but in the end, she is just a very unhappy heterosexual woman.

For this Glamour magazine celebrates her: it is her unhappiness and mental illness that makes her so useful. For all the surface “celebration” of the individuality of Logan, her usefulness comes down to being delusional and unhappy. Doubtless Glamour will forget her the moment she loses her usefulness to the narrative.

I am beginning to believe that all the “allies” of the trans community are cosplaying as much as the trans people themselves. Who, after all, truly believes that there are 129 genders and counting and that one’s sex is determined by a state of mind that can change on a dime?


Nobody sane does. Just as people whom I have spoken with can claim that gravity is a social construct and not a feature of the universe, but every one of them refuses to jump off a building. There are plenty of people who will claim a belief in things without actually acting as if they do. Think of all the Leftists who claim that the coasts will be swamped due to climate change and return home to their beachfront property.

It this is true–that the “allies” are not so much delusional as that they are lying–why would they do so?

Simple: if they can get others to accept the lie too then they have gained control over your thoughts. You need not even really believe it. Merely saying it is enough to get the brainwashing process going, and even more importantly to bully you into giving them access to children.

It is the children who will be raised to believe this destructive nonsense, and in their belief they will become acolytes of the people working to run the world.

All they need right now is acquiescence to their demands, not actual fealty. It is Gen Z and younger who are the real target.

And this strategy has worked so far, although it has not become solidly entrenched. It may already be too late to win this battle, but it also may not be. Giving up ensures victory for the other team.

If you assessed the likely outcome of World War II in December 1941, you would probably have bet on the Axis. They had captured most of Europe and Asia, holding sway over much of the world. They looked unstoppable.


But Japan woke the sleeping giant, and the weakness of the Axis powers was revealed: they were few in number and so extreme in their ideology that they alienated the rest of the world who were disengaged with the fight. They ran out of allies to recruit.

Is this a good analogy for the current culture war? Perhaps, and perhaps not.

But looking back is the political hero Neville Chamberlain or Winston Churchill?

Which would you rather emulate?

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