WaPo: "Biden is doing his best at the border"

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The Washington Post actually has a point about Biden’s border policies, at least in its headline. The rest of the piece is a bunch of deceptive drivel.

Biden IS doing his best–to keep the border open. During the campaign, Biden made pretty clear that he believes in open borders, and on this one issue he has followed through on his promises. The only other policy area where he has been consistent is on destroying America’s energy system.


Biden is famously incompetent and out of touch, but his Administration, at least, has done an outstanding job of ensuring that millions of illegal immigrants have flowed into the United States unimpeded by federal action.

Unimpeded is too weak a word. They have been getting active assistance, with the Administration handing out free money and free trips for those it can reach, although even they underestimated that number of migrants and they are so swamped that they are unable to quickly disperse the invaders to every corner of the country, so they just dump the millions of migrants into Texas and other border states.

The Washington Post claims not to see it that way. And this piece comes directly from the Editorial Board, which means it is the official statement of the paper. And it is a pack of lies with the intent of shifting the blame for what most Americans see as a crisis to the Republicans, who are screaming from the rooftops that something must be done.


Biden is portrayed as being stymied by Republicans’ inaction on border policy, which is insane. What they complain about is the Republican refusal to rubber stamp Biden’s insane policies. The Post does concede that Republican criticism of Biden’s policies are not entirely unfair, but their only concern seems to be that they aid Biden in establishing a policy that regularizes the invasion.

In preparation for the expected fresh tide of migrants seeking entry to the country — some forecasts suggest thousands more will attempt to cross the border each day, on top of the 6,000-to-8,000 daily tally of recent months — officials have forged some clearer-eyed policies, although at least one is likely to face legal scrutiny.

The dismaying truth about the U.S. immigration system is that it is hardly a system at all. That failure has been caused by political dysfunction in Congress, which for years has been unable to fashion major reforms.

Republicans have bashed President Biden for immigration policy that seemed at cross purposes with itself. They have a point.

It’s a remarkable position, based upon the idea that every person who wants entry into the United States should automatically be granted it. The problem, as they see it, is that the current policy makes it TOO difficult to crash the line. Immigration policy, in their view, should be no immigration policy at all.


Or, rather, our policy should be open borders and instant welfare for all comers, as if we have bottomless resources and American citizens’ interests should be subordinate to everything else.

This is on-brand, at least.

Most of all, Mr. Biden should be applauded for taking steps to vastly expand the admission of refugees, including hundreds of thousands from Ukraine and Afghanistan, along with establishing wider legal pathways for others to enter the country.

Those steps include the administration’s move, in conjunction with the United Nations, to open processing centers in Colombia and Guatemala, with more planned elsewhere. The centers are sensibly intended to encourage migrants from South and Central America to apply for entry to the United States without making the dangerous trip through Mexico to the U.S. border, during which many are victims of predatory human traffickers.

Hilariously they criticize Biden for what amounts to a dead letter policy, utterly unenforced. The Administration claims they will deport some migrants immediately if they do not apply for asylum outside the United States. This is, of course, a total lie. They aren’t even taking note of who is entering the country anymore. They no longer engage in the fiction of giving migrants papers or even taking names. Their new policy is to let them in and subsequently hand out papers asking them to register.


They don’t.

The Post lies without shame about the scale of the crisis. They claim that “well over 1 million migrants, many of them in families, have been admitted to the country.”

The number is 6-8 million. I suppose that it is “well over 1 million,” but in the sense that a trillion is well over a million. They deny the actual scale of the problem because they support the policy. They are lying to you.

The media exists for no other reason than to promote the narrative of the regime. There is no mention of the fact that the Biden Administration has claimed that “the border is closed,” or that Karine Jean-Pierre has repeatedly claimed that border crossings are down 90% or more. These are outright lies, but nobody in the media challenges them. They tut-tut that things need to be more organized, but that is all.

Their criticisms, mild as they are, are intended to provide a sheen of credibility to their arguments. “See, we said things could be better.” This concession is not an admission against interest, but more in line with the answer a job applicant’s answer to the question about their greatest weakness: “I am too diligent and work too hard.”


The point of the exercise is to fly cover for Biden’s policy of destroying America. The claim Republicans need to pass a new law to deal with the crisis is absurd. We have immigration laws and nobody is enforcing them. We should pass another law that will be ignored, apparently.

The MSM today is as Pravda in Soviet times. They exist to lie for the regime, not inform citizens.

Democracy Dies in Darkness, and the Washington Post is turning off the lights.

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