NIH is looking for volunteers to study effects of castration

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We keep being told that The Science™ behind so-called “gender-affirming care” is settled.

Treating children with puberty blockers, hormones, and mutilating surgeries is the path to curing gender dysphoria and giving unhappy children happy, healthy, and longer lives. Failing to do these things is committing genocide.


Yeah, right.

Well, the National Institutes of Health is seeking volunteers for a study into the effects of castration on the human body because, well, the effects of removing testicles “has not been extensively studied.”

Not that any studies are needed, you understand. We already know through the processes of reading tea leaves and the entrails of sacrificed animals that lopping off healthy body parts does a body good, but just in case there might be a detail or two, such as cardiovascular problems, the NIH thinks doing a study might be a good idea.

Studies are kinda fun, you know. And you might just get a free castration!

The National Institutes of Health is funding a study via a women’s health grant that is recruiting people as young as 18 to uncover what it acknowledges as the “unknown” cardiovascular effects of surgically removing testicles on patients diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

The observational study is looking for 30 gender diverse biological male participants who are interested in the orchiectomy procedure, which has also been referred to as “surgical castration” in medical literature.

The chief investigator is Dr. Sean Iwamoto, an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.

Now of course Dr Iwamoto claims that he is certain that chopping off a young man’s testicles is “life-saving care,” you know, but we might as well have a bit of fun tracking the actual health of “trans-women” after the procedure for yucks.


It’s life-saving, after all. We know that, even though we don’t actually know the medical effects of the procedures, those entrails tell us that long, happy lives are universal after castration.

“Trans women appear to be at greater risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD) and blood clots compared to non-trans adults. The effect of orchiectomy on CVD risk among trans women is unknown, but orchiectomy may change blood vessel function and metabolic health,” the study said.

Dr. Iwamototo’s biography page on the medical school’s website appeared to endorse a particular conclusion, calling the treatments “life-saving,” which provide “maximal physical… benefits.”

Dr. Iwamoto said, “Better understanding acute and chronic effects of… gender-affirming surgery… will increase our confidence that these life-saving treatments provide maximal physical and mental health benefits and minimal risks, particularly related to cardiovascular disease.”

“Lifesaving.” Well, we really haven’t got a clue about the long-term effects of what we are doing, but we make a lot of money off of the procedures so at least the “care” is lifestyle saving for the doctors and pharmaceutical companies who are making bank.

As for the kids? We can study what is happening so that when all the bad stuff happens we can document it. While we are driving to our yacht in our Mercedes.


How can any doctor simultaneously affirm that procedures are “life-saving” while admitting that no long-term studies have been done? The claims about suicide risks are grossly inflated–the whole “would you prefer a dead son or a live daughter?” arguments are complete crap.

It is true that suicide risks for people with gender dysphoria are much higher than for mentally healthy people, although what is rarely mentioned is that the risks are highest a decade after transition, not before. Because gender dysphoria is by definition a mental illness, whatever the DSM-V says (it is a dysphoria, which is a mental state!), it is hardly surprising that suicide risks are higher, just as they are with mental illnesses like depression.

Suicide risks are generally higher for people with mental illnesses, which is why we call them mental illnesses and treat them with psychiatric care. Treating suicidality should be the preferred path of treatment, not chopping off body parts.

We no longer do things like lobotomies. Destroying healthy body parts is discredited, right?

Well, we do, actually. perform the equivalent of lobotomies The new lobotomy is gender-affirming care. Same deal.

National Review has a story about a detransitioner who was tracked into “transitioning,” despite having a diagnosis of psychosis, bipolar disorder, and anorexia. She was cutting herself and wound up in psychiatric hospitals multiple times.


She found an online eating disorders community and was sucked into gender ideology.

Trans adults she met online told her that if she could only obtain a letter of recommendation for gender-transition treatments, it would unlock the door to happiness, she said. Without her parents’ knowledge, she went on the internet and discovered so-called gender-affirming specialists affiliated with the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).

After showing her parents a PowerPoint to prove she was transgender, Mosley persuaded them to let her get a letter of recommendation from a WPATH specialist, one of whom advertised a $280 deal. With the letter signed and sealed, Mosley met with a gender therapist for 15 minutes.

Mosley said the therapist asked her leading questions like, “Do you get along better with boys?” and “Do you dislike your period?”

Her affirmative answers meant she was a boy, according to the therapist. The therapist put her parents in a Catch-22 when it came to her prognosis, she said.

“She was brutal to my parents. She asked them, ‘Would you rather have a dead daughter or a living son?’” Mosley said.

After the first appointment, the therapist said to come back when Mosley needed a letter of recommendation for “top surgery” and again for “bottom surgery.”

“I had no other choice. It was transition or suicide. I was totally convinced that I had a disease, and I had a boy brain and a girl body and that’s why I wanted to die all the time,” she said.


Mental illness runs in my family, and one thing I learned is that even getting a diagnosis creates a sense of relief and even euphoria. At last! A path out of despair! A new sense of purpose.

It doesn’t last. Getting better is hard work, and staying well is harder yet. When a simpler solution appears you grasp onto it.

This is, I am convinced, why people who discover their “gender” diagnosis appear so relieved. Not because it is true, but because it presents a path out of hell.

But it is a false path, just as smoking fentanyl doesn’t lead to happiness. It provides a bump of euphoria that lures you into hell.

Most kids going on this journey are in the euphoria stage–they are confused and unhappy and have found what seems like a way out. In a sane world, the people they approach for help would give them something better than a dose of fentanyl to ease the pain, but like drug dealers, these doctors latch onto these kids as new addicts to exploit.

As this NIH study proves, though, they have no idea what they are doing. They are chopping off boys’ testicles and now think, “Gee, I wonder what will happen after I do this? Let’s get a grant to find out!”

It’s appalling. Yet when we point that out it is we, not the butchers, who are attacked. The doctors are making bank and the political elite are generating votes and creating disdain for the skeptics. We are evil rednecks who lack compassion!


This will, eventually, come crashing down, leaving destroyed lives.

But fear not. The butchers will walk away unscathed and wealthier, the politicians will sell themselves as the saviors of the broken bodies by promising lifelong care, and conservatives will be attacked for lacking compassion for the suffering.

Again. As it has been, it always shall be.


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