NYT: grandmothers are giving up on grandchildren because of global warming

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Older women are apparently giving up on helping their grandchildren because…what’s the point?

The world is ending anyway, so screw ’em.

Well, that’s a take. A pretty weird and undoubtedly incorrect one, but what would you expect from a New York Times Op/Ed?


Everything about the piece screams Babylon Bee parody, except the byline is real. This really was published in the New York Times and really begins with an explicit reference to the Communist Manifesto, and a grandmother trying vainly to look like Che Guevara.

These people aren’t even joking. They honestly think that trying to pull our heartstrings with such crap will work.

And perhaps it will, given how brainwashed the average reader of the New York Times is.

The entire piece is ridiculous, as only something written by an overeducated and under-thoughtful person can be. The author, Mary Pipher, is a clinical psychologist who sounds like she orders her grooming products from Goop before opening up a pint of Chunky Monkey to enjoy as she reads Rachel Carson.

Old women are not threatening, but we are powerful. Female leaders multitask and make connections to other groups and causes. Indigenous people’s rights, social justice, local control of food and energy, and democracy are all part of one great cause — the respect for and preservation of all life. We are the mother trees in the forest, nurturing all our surroundings.

We are informed about climate change. We know that it makes no sense to put money into college funds or save family heirlooms if our grandchildren will live on a planet with polluted air, land and water, and face unbearable temperatures and constant catastrophic storms. To secure our grandchildren’s future, we must stop the burning of fossil fuels, plant trees, clean up our planet and protect biodiversity.

The antidote to our despair about our grandchildren’s future is action. It gives us hope and solidarity. Saving Mother Earth and savoring her bounties are not polarities but deeply related. It is our joy and wonder that gives us the strength to do the hard work.


Do you know a single grandmother who has even thought for a moment about giving up on her grandchildren’s future?


It’s insane. But we live in a culture that glorifies this sort of catastrophizing about the environment, or racism, or the supposed “trans-genocide.”

The premium we put on victimhood is literally insane. As in disconnected from reality. Most of the people claiming victimhood are among the most privileged in world history. The people who are out protesting go to or have been at Elite colleges and universities, are wealthy, and have never been hungry in their lives.

Except, perhaps, on some extended hiking trip where they forgot to pack the trail mix.

People who are victims aren’t screaming about global warming, because their problems aren’t first-world problems.

Yet those problems give no social currency. They are too immediate and too personal. If the problem can be addressed–help that person right there–there is no political hay to be made. Virtue signaling requires a diffuse, impossible to solve problem that requires everybody else to do the heavy lifting.

If there really are grandmothers who have abandoned their descendants’ futures out of despair–and such people are either nonexistant or mentally ill and in need of immediate psychiatric care–then screw them. They are really awful people and deserve every drop of despair that they experience.

As long as I have been alive the overcredentialed have warned that the apocalypse is nigh. The world was going to end in the 60s. Then the 70s. Then the 80s. Then…


Is is any wonder that the rest of us pray for the Sweet Meteor of Death? Please, God, make it stop!

Then end is always just around the corner. Nothing ended, including their whinging and self-glorification.

Such people only succeed in making things worse. Ms. Pipher here is glad for helping kill the Keystone Pipeline.

Thanks. For making our lives worse.

Whatever she say, Pipher has a plan to leave her wealth to her grandkids, along with the family heirlooms. Because that is what grandmothers do in the real world, whatever they say on the pages of the New York Times.

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