Healthy at any size? No, it's better to be obese

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Eating yourself into an early grave is praiseworthy.

Stunning and brave, in fact.

We get flooded with propaganda about how being morbidly obese is actually healthy, and that women with layers of fat rolls should flaunt them and be proud of their curves.


But according to the Washington Post, boys who want to be muscular might be suffering from body dysmorphia and parents should be on the lookout for sons who want to look ripped.

“Though its generally underrecognized, boys have body ideals just like girls do,” says Jason Nagata, a pediatrician at the University of California at San Francisco who specializes in adolescent eating disorders. “The idealized masculine body type is big and muscular, and because of that, many boys are trying to get bigger and more muscular.”

Before I rip this article to shreds I must admit that in some extreme cases, the authors have a point. Boys can suffer from body dysmorphia as well as girls. But this is hardly a problem ripping through the population. Obesity is a far greater problem, although at the moment it is politically incorrect to point that particular problem out. Being fat is good, according to the Elite™ (who are almost never actually fat), and should be encouraged with massive praise.

Think Lizzo. Stunning and brave.


Focusing on becoming muscular itself is a warning sign that something is deeply wrong, according to pediatrician Nagata. Be very afraid if your teen son focuses on fitness. Exercise stems from White Supremacy, you know. So we must discourage it.

Nagata published research in the Journal of Adolescent Health in 2019 that found about a third of teenage boys reported trying to gain weight. The study was based on data from more than 15,000 high school students in the 2015 Youth Risk Behavior Survey. And in Current Opinion in Pediatrics in 2021, Nagata and his co-authors wrote that about 22 percent of teen boys and young men are engaging in some sort of muscle-building behavior.

Engaging in “some sort of muscle-building activity.” Scary stuff. Did you know that Paul Ryan is a CrossFit guy? If you exercise too much you wind up wanting to throw grandma off the cliff, so keep your children safe, fat, and happy to be ruled by a generally fit and healthy elite.

Ironically our pediatrician is worried that boys are displaying a body dysphoria when they get obsessed with building muscle and the Washington Post is amplifying the message. Yet until just this moment and only in this instance should the dysphoria not be embraced and medicalized through mutilation.


When kids want to get surgery to affirm their body image that is medically necessary. When they want to exercise they should be discouraged.


Social class and obesity are highly correlated. The less elite you are the more likely you are to be obese. This is a very robust finding, similar to the fact that the higher up the class scale the more likely you are to be married with children. A new study has once again demonstrated that marriage is good for your health, yet the Elite keeps enabling the destruction of marriage.

Which begs the question: why do we keep getting bombarded with propaganda from the Elite™ class about the beauty and desirability of being fat, inactive schlubs? Do they actually believe it–their revealed preference is for thin, fit, well-educated, and highly-disciplined lifestyles–or is something else at work?

Before I speculate, let me acknowledge that not everybody in the Elite keeps spouting about the beauty of being fat. Michelle Obama was famously in favor of better fitness and nutrition for children. She was a bit of a fanatic about it, but that is better than the alternative. But the overwhelming push is to produce weak, fat, and indolent children.


It would be easy to assert that this has to do with wanting to depopulate the Earth, since Leftists are fanatically in favor of reducing the number of human beings.

But I don’t think that is it. They are more into abortion and euthanasia than pushing long-term solutions like spreading preventable diseases.


No, I think it has more to do with maintaining their own social power by promoting indolence itself in the lower classes. A fat and lazy lower class is unlikely to displace the current occupants of the halls of power, and lazy peole tend to prefer having things handed to them rather than exhibiting ambition to get ahead.

Such people are easier to rule and to perform social experiments upon. And when they fail the Elite don’t pay the price.

In any case, obesity promotion is clearly a “do as I say, not as I do” movement. You don’t see world leaders, actors, or media personalities rushing to get fat. Quite the opposite. They point to a few fat influencers like Lizzo and praise them, or push “plus size” models into the culture, but they don’t emulate them and don’t associate with them except at high-profile gatherings.

This is purely for the proles.


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