Kansas: Democrat who defied Party on trans sports threatened with death by colleagues

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KS Representative Marvin Robinson (D-KCK) was told to “go die” by a colleague and that he had “blood on his hands” for voting to override Kansas Governor Kelley’s veto of a bill banning boys from playing in girl’s sports.


I wrote about the disinformation being spread by the Left regarding the bill yesterday. Contrary to the truth, Democrats keep claiming that banning transgender athletes from playing sports with children of the opposite sex would require “genital inspections” of the kids.

This is a lie. Not even remotely true. Children are identified as their biological sex from the time they enter school and athletes often require physical exams by doctors in order to participate. No school or government official “inspects” a child’s genitals, yet this claim is repeated endlessly because…it works.

It SOUNDS awful and confirms the priors of liberals that Republicans are evil.

When the bill returned for consideration after the governor’s veto the legislature overrode, putting the bill into law. Rep. Robinson voted with the Republicans, despite being otherwise progressive. He prayed on the issue and decided he could not join his Democrat colleagues despite his progressive bona fides.

He had been told that this was the “civil rights issue of the day,” appealing to his strong feelings as a Black man and advocate for racial issues to change his vote.

He explained his vote to radio host Pete Mundo, and the details are harrowing. He described his colleague as “demons” on this issue.

The Democrat Party and the Left have decided that this is the most important issue of the day for their side, with the White House going all-in and Leftist activists escalating their behavior into violence.


Beege has a post that described Riley Gaines’ being attacked yesterday at San Francisco State after her speech to students, getting hit several times by a man masquerading as a woman, chased out of the room with police protection, and being held hostage by students for 3 hours.

This takes place in a political environment in which a mass shooting occurred recently, another trans mass shooter was foiled, Billboard Chris was mobbed and assaulted in front of police who refused to help, and the White House keeps amping up the near-violent rhetoric.

The Left clearly WANTS this to become a violent movement for some reason. Whether it is a genuine moral panic as COVID fanaticism was or is part of an opaque strategy, they have decided that there should be no limits to this fight.

I understand their commitment to the trans issue itself–it is part of a strategy to destroy the nuclear family and replace it with a child-rearing infrastructure run directly by the Left, which would solidify their power on society, but a violent movement is unlikely to do much besides ensure a backlash.


The Left has done nothing but stoke division for a decade and has always embraced violent rhetoric. The raised fist is one of their most cherished symbols, after all.

But this is something that harkens back to the 1960s and 70s when extremists on the Left celebrated actual terrorists. That led to the Reagan backlash, and Democrats learned a lesson.

And never before in my lifetime have we seen a presidential administration stoke the fire.

It’s as if they actually want a civil war. They sure talk like they do.

UPDATE: Michael Shellenberger went to SF State to cover the story of Riley Gaines’ assault and sort-of-kidnapping and the first thing he saw when he entered the building where it happened:

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