Michael Cohen is the media expert on Donald Trump

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Michael Cohen is a convicted perjurer. Twice convicted of perjury.

He was disbarred. As he should be. Any lawyer who turns on his client is total scum. If he couldn’t ethically represent his client he should have dropped him. Instead, he ratted him out after he was caught. We don’t even know if he is telling the truth about Trump now. He is a known liar and scumbag.


A perfect guest for MSNBC. A (formerly) Republican version of Michael Avenatti, who was also a favorite scumbag lawyer who wound up in jail. Scumbag lawyers who spend time with porn stars–the same porn star, actually–are media darlings.

If I were to engage in faux outrage I would ask “What are these people thinking?” But I am dealing with outrage fatigue this week. I feel like I am watching the entire Western world implode and the people who set the demolition charges are the ones in charge of our civilization.

Michael Cohen? Couldn’t they at least TRY to find a guest to insult our intelligence who isn’t an obvious lying scumbag?

Why bother? The demand for lying scumbags has never been higher. MSNBC’s audience is made up entirely of reality-denying Trump haters whose life satisfaction seems entirely to be dependent upon watching men thrust their genitals into kids’ faces and fantasizing about Donald Trump being in jail. Throw in some sterilizing and mutilating kids after shoving porn in their faces and the day is complete.


But Michael Cohen? Really?

Yes, really. Who else could so easily impress the masses with his “Diaper Donald” witticisms?

The 24-hour news channels have become so hyper-politicized and so desperate for content that they will put anyone on the air. James Clapper, also a known perjurer, is a regular analyst. At least he didn’t get charged with it, despite lying to Congress under oath before the entire world.

Donald Trump’s tenuous relationship with the truth has always been one of the major accusations against him and has been used as an excuse to cover him as no other politician has ever been covered before. While Trump abuses the truth through the use of hyperbole mainly, he actually outright lies no more than the average politician.

Compare him to Biden, who not only lies but probably can’t distinguish the truth anymore.

Biden has repeatedly claimed, for instance, that the January 6th rioters killed 5 capitol police officers. The truth is they killed none. The only instance of somebody being killed during the riot was a police officer shooting an unarmed woman in the back.


That is an important lie, and the media repeats it constantly. Because anything that reflects badly on Trump supporters is true, and anything that reflects badly on Democrats is a lie. There is no other standard of truth for the MSM anymore.

But even given that standard, it is noteworthy that a “news” organization would put forward a convicted felon–convicted of perjury–as an expert witness to Donald Trump’s state of mind.

Worse, half the country eats it up. They want to be lied to. They are desperate to be lied to.

And the media gives them what they want.

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David Strom 12:40 PM | July 24, 2024