Temporary sanity! World Athletics bans transgender "women" from competition--for now

It’s a stunning outbreak of temporary sanity.

Or, as the woke would say, “stunning and brave.”


World Athletics is the international governing body for track and field athletics, so while this doesn’t affect all sports by any means, it does establish a precedent that other sports bodies can use to push back against the current insane policies that have become common in the world of sports.

“World Athletics conducted a consultation period with various stakeholders in the first two months of this year, including Member Federations, the Global Athletics Coaches Academy and Athletes’ Commission, the IOC as well as representative transgender and human rights groups,” the organization said.

“It became apparent that there was little support within the sport for the option that was first presented to stakeholders, which required transgender athletes to maintain their testosterone levels below 2.5nmol/L for 24 months to be eligible to compete internationally in the female category.

It is insane to have even considered the testosterone standard because natal males’ bodies develop with different characteristics than female bodies. Simply suppressing testosterone levels doesn’t come close to ensuring a level playing field.

“In terms of DSD regulations, World Athletics has more than 10 years of research and evidence of the physical advantages that these athletes bring to the female category.

“However, there are currently no transgender athletes competing internationally in athletics and consequently no athletics-specific evidence of the impact these athletes would have on the fairness of female competition in athletics.

“In these circumstances, the Council decided to prioritize fairness and the integrity of the female competition before inclusion.”

World Athletics president Sebastian Coe said the rules wouldn’t last forever.

“We’re not saying no forever,” he said, via BBC.


“We’re not saying no forever?” Why not? They should be.

It is bizarre that the world is going topsy-turvy in order to accommodate a tiny fraction of the population in this manner. If sports organizations choose to integrate transgender individuals then they should create a category for them, just as we have today for men and women.

We separate competitions by sex for a reason: men and women differ in physical characteristics. They simply excel at different things and at different levels. Competitive sports don’t and shouldn’t exist to “affirm” anybody; they exist to encourage people to achieve excellence and for the enjoyment of the athletes and fans.

Nobody wants to see a transgender “female” crush the competition in order to feel better about himself, and it is grossly unfair to female competitors.

This isn’t complicated. In fact, it’s obvious.

The only reason there is a dispute is that for some odd reason, transgender is the flavor of the month on the Left, and nobody likes to get bullied by Leftists.

World Athletics may be hedging its bets, waiting to see if the winds begin blowing back to sanity in the future. They can take a stand now, claim that they may reconsider, and then hold off the baying wolves. If they get away with it then they can drop the whole idea.


Let’s hope that’s the case, and the sanity isn’t temporary.

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David Strom 5:20 PM | April 19, 2024