The Clinton "suicide" curse strikes again

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I’ve always thought of the Clinton “suicide” conspiracy theories as more of a joke than a real thing. It’s true that suicides seem to follow the pair around more than usual, but I would imagine that if you had to deal with HRC often you might occasionally consider suicide once in a while.


It’s a wonder that Bill has survived, but we all know how he dealt with the stress…

But this case is super weird. It genuinely smells like a rotten fish.

I would like to see how Sherlock Holmes or Columbo could come up with an explanation for this story since few other people could make heads or tails of it.

The grisly scene where a top Bill Clinton adviser was found hanged from a tree with a gunshot wound to his chest has finally been revealed nine months after he died.

But the sheriff’s report into Mark Middleton’s mysterious death raises more questions than answers as it rules he died by suicide – despite no sign of the weapon that killed him.

Middleton, 59, was found dead last May at the Heifer Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas, an hour west of Little Rock.

Hanged from a tree.

Gunshot wound to the chest.

No weapon was found on the scene.

Yep, must be suicide. No other possible explanation seems to fit.

The story is bizarre, and I am struggling to find a logical explanation for it. Add in the connection to Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein and the number of conspiracy theories will proliferate like dandelions in a poorly tended suburban yard.


The report, written by Perry County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Lawson, says he was called to the ranch by worker Samantha McElroy who had found Middleton’s abandoned black BMW SUV.

McElroy, 46, then walked around a cottage on the ranch.

‘Almost immediately after stepping around the corner of the cottage she started yelling,’ wrote Lawson.

‘Upon reaching the back of the cottage she pointed towards the rear of the property and asked if that was a person.

‘I could see what at first appeared to be a man sitting near a tree, as my eyes focused better, I could see a rope of some type going from the tree limb to the male.”

Lawson said it was clear that Middleton was dead.

‘I could see that he had a gunshot wound to the chest and that he had a knot tied in an extension cord that was around his neck and it was attached to the limb directly above him.

The deputy said a search of Middleton’s vehicle turned up three boxes of buckshot and a gun case – but no weapon.

The details give fresh insight into the death of Middleton, a married father of two daughters aged 18 and 20 who was found dead on May 7 last year.

Middleton had signed Jeffrey Epstein into the White House 17 times during Clinton’s presidency, and had (of course) flown on the infamous “Lolita Express.” His family claims he was deeply depressed (not because of these facts, I would suppose, since the Epstein connection was long in the past), and that this depression was the cause of his suicide.


Middleton was a rather notorious figure in the Clinton White House. After leaving service under Clinton he set himself up as an influence peddler, eventually costing him access to the White House after an investigation into his activities.

In 1996 an investigation by the White House found that Middleton had abused his access to impress business clients and was barred from the executive mansion without senior approval.

Middleton denied the claims.

As of now no explanation for how a man could strangle and shoot himself, then hide the gun with which he did so. I would be fascinated to know the reasoning behind the conclusion that this was suicide.

Even if one eventually surfaces–such as a claim that somebody else took the gun–a lot of people will be left wondering about the supposed logistics of the act.

I certainly do.


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