Fetterman 2024! UPDATE: MSNBC pundit actually floated it!

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If there is one thing Joe Biden heard loud and clear from the midterm elections it is this: they like me, they really like me! If there was any doubt that Biden would run for reelection, Tuesday’s results put that idea to rest.

Yet the rest of the Democrat Party isn’t so sure that is a good idea. In fact, they are pretty sure it isn’t. With still functioning brains they know they dodged a bullet and they want to get out of range before one strikes them where it matters.

Democrats did OK on Tuesday despite, not because of Biden. That in itself is remarkable and will be studied for years, but Democrat politicos understand to a person that Biden is a liability. They know they need to find a candidate with all the positives of Joe Biden, especially the ability to pick up votes in purple states, without the liability of being…Joe Biden, the man crashing the economy and letting the world go to hell.

Frank Bruni of the New York Times has a piece today about potential alternatives to Biden. He avoids the messy issue of Biden’s incompetence and gently reminds readers that Biden is old and less energetic than one would perhaps like in a person who must address crises at 3 A.M.

Does Biden have the grip and glow to make certain that Donald Trump or some other Republican doesn’t win the presidency in two years? Before the midterms, polling showed that a significant majority of Democrats craved the chance to pick somebody else. I’m not sure that this week’s results will change that sentiment much. It’s how I feel.

But which somebody? Here’s an assessment (and rough ranking) of various Democrats who would be possible contenders in 2024 or who are poised to emerge as party leaders on the far side of Biden, whenever that is.

The obvious candidates? Bruni lays out the top tier in his view: Kamala Harris, screeching vice president; Gretchen Whitmer, harridan governor of Michigan; and Pete Buttigieg, boy scout and parental-leave-during-a-crisis man. Hardly an inspiring lot.

Each of these candidates has serious problems, for obvious reasons. Harris is as grating as nails on a  chalkboard; Whitmer, while governor of a purple state, is a lightweight and unknown outside of her state; and Mayor Pete has the charisma of a wet newspaper. The Democrats have no bench. Currently their top people are literally octogenarians.

I suggest another, better and electorally proven candidate: John Fetterman, newly elected Senator from the great state of Pennsylvania.

His credentials are obvious. In one of the most closely watched elections in the country Fetterman managed to defeat Bad Orange Man’s hand-picked gazillionaire candidate, overcoming his own health troubles and gaining the sympathy of a grateful electorate.

UPDATE: MSNBC actually had a pundit seriously suggest that John Fetterman SHOULD run for President! 

He has all the mental acuity of Joe Biden–meaning he is as easily manipulated by his advisors as Biden–and has at least one intersectional victimhood box checked: vote against him and you are an evil ableist.

Democrats have clearly decided that sentience is not only optional in their leaders, it is a bad quality to have. They apparently prefer the Politburo model of governance by faceless autocrats, using their “leaders” as front men. Biden and Fetterman both fit the bill. They are the Leonid Brezhnev figures the Democrats desire.

So if Biden is too old, tired, and damaged to win in 2024, John Fetterman would make by far the best candidate the Democrats could offer.



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