The media is becoming powerless

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As the Democrats on the beach are mesmerized by the red tsunami rushing in to wipe them out, one question above others will run through their minds: how did we lose control of the Narrative™?


It’s no secret that Democrats basically own the minds and souls of everybody in the media and entertainment complex. As much as the Left screams about Fox News, only about 1% of the country actually watches it. It’s hard to see how that one tiny slice of the media landscape could become so influential that it could turn the country against the Democrats so decisively.

ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, all the comedy channels, news outlets, Hollywood, the music industry…no matter where you turn one is inundated by messages that Republicans are Mega-evil MAGA election denying racist sexist homophobic trans-killing maniacs armed to the teeth. Our president trots out the possibility of using F-15s to hold back the hordes of AR-15 wielding rednecks who go out on lynching parties to prevent children from reading books or something.

Republicans oppose all that is right and good and true and compassionate. They hate children and puppies, and want to kill grandma after taking away her Social Security. It sometimes seems as if electronic media was invented to slander Republicans.

Democrats have to wonder: with all that messaging might, how on Earth has America lost the plot and decided to vote Republican?

Simple: nobody believes it any more. Not one little bit. It’s BS and we know it.

Now of course it’s not NOBODY who believes it. But the swing voters sure don’t. How many regret their vote against Bad Orange Man? I don’t even like Trump as a person but I voted for him because he did good things.


Lots of people are coming to that realization too late. You may think Trump is a boor, but he was a boor on our side and did good things.

Biden is destroying the country, and the media keeps telling us everything is just fine. A vote for Democrats is a vote for democracy.

The growing distrust of the MSM is starkly revealed in the polls, and I think they understate the disgust that people are feeling toward the MSM. People feel lied to. They know they are being spun. With every lie comes a reminder of the constant string of lies we used to buy, but now know are false.

Social media is corrupt. The government is corrupt. Our politicians are corrupt. And the mainstream media is perhaps even more corrupt. More people think that the media is a danger to the country than even politicians, whom people hate right now.

It is stunning, and if I were in the industry I would be terrified. people have woken up to their disgusting role as propagandists for the regime and once the trust is gone, it is not coming back.

Sure, millions will still “trust” them because the media says what they want to hear. It offers a warm cocoon that makes the Left feel justified in perpetrating their evil.

But for the average folks who swing elections? Yeah, no. Trust in the media is irretrievably lost.

Conservatives always wonder why it takes so damn long for people to wake up. We have been warning people for years that they are being manipulated. Can’t you see?!


We always forget that our #1 job as conservative activists is to carve out a space in the private sphere where people don’t have to focus on politics. People need a right to be left alone to live their lives. Forcing people to care about politics all the time is one of the primary sins of Leftism. Not paying attention to politics is a sign of sanity, and not having to a sign of a healthy society.

The personal shouldn’t have to be the political. That is one of the most evil things about Leftism–forcing you to spend way too much time fighting for your personal space.

The last two years have revealed the media to be what we have been saying: fundamentally corrupt. Propagandists. Enough people see it now.

Trump paved the way, but others are taking the road to the promised land. It is Ron DeSantis and Kari Lake who benefited. The media didn’t kill Trump, but they wounded him. If they had been the least bit fair Trump would have won. But it was not to be. Perhaps he makes a comeback in 2024, but I think he should be satisfied to look upon his works and be proud. Others will carry on the work he started.

DeSantis and Lake have media armor. Every barb, every arrow, every thwack with a sword aimed at their heart by the media just bounces off. Because people know that the media really has become, as Trump said, enemies of the people.


Kari Lake will win. She has gotten not one scintilla of positive or fair coverage, and she is going to win by defeating the MSM. She is a paladin fighting for all of us. Not against her opponent, who is a ridiculous nobody, but against the corrupt system. She joins DeSantis in the pantheon of media slayers.

Lake has thrived with every media blast. She rises when they strike. She gains strength with every attack, because those who are attacking her are known to be evildoers and powerless to stop her.

She was the candidate hand selected not just by Trump, who helped her get the nomination, but by the Democrats who believed she was easiest to beat. What a mistake. An epic self-own.

She is beating the media. As is DeSantis. It is their world, and the media just lives in it.

It is glorious to watch.

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