The Clintons go negative again

Team Hillary has put out a couple of new ads in Wisconsin slamming Obama for dodging debates.

And Bill Clinton has inserted himself back into the campaign.

ABC News’ Sarah Amos reports that former President Bill Clinton — despite myriad promises he would stop assailing his wife’s opponent given how it has backfired on her — upped his harsh attacks today in Tyler, Texas.

“There are two competing moods in America today,” Clinton said. “People who want something fresh and new — and they find it inspiring that we might elect a president who literally was not part of any of the good things that happened or any of the bad things that were stopped before. The explicit argument of the campaign against Hillary is that ‘No one who was involved in the 1990s or this decade can possibly be an effective president because they had fights. We’re not going to have any of those anymore.’ Well, if you believe that, I got some land I wanna sell you.”

Go ahead, make the obvious “Is that land in Whitewater?” joke. The Clinton corruption of the 1990s, Lewinsky, Chinagate, cattle futures, travelgate, the FBI files…all things Barack Obama wasn’t involved in. Thanks for reminding us, Bill.

Oh, and Heil Hillary!