Today's poll shock: Obama up 6 in Texas

Hillary Clinton is up fast in Ohio and she’s betting on Texas to be her personal Battle of San Jacinto, the place where she has to win the war by routing her enemy after suffering a string of Alamo-like massacres. Along with OH, PA, RI, VT, HI, WY, MO, PR, WV, KY, OR, SD and WI (states you can hear Michelle sing in today’s Vent), Texas is a must have for Hillary. But ARG says it might be getting away.

Democrats TX
Clinton 42%
Obama 48%
Someone else 3%
Undecided 7%

Hillary leads among self-described Democrats but among her other problems, in Texas she has a gender gap. The media will never call it that, but that’s what it is.

Obama leads among men 55% to 29% (47% of likely Democratic primary voters) and Clinton leads among women 54% to 42%. Clinton leads Obama among white voters 51% to 40% (53% of likely Democratic primary voters), Obama leads Clinton among African American voters 76% to 17% (22% of likely Democratic primary voters), and Clinton leads Obama among Latino voters 44% to 42%.

Hillary Clinton is a lot of things, but Sam Houston 2.0 isn’t one of them. And unlike Houston’s enemy, Santa Anna, Hillary won’t be able to catch Obama taking a nap.

The other bit of news in the ARG poll: McCain only leads Huckabee by 6, reflecting either McCain weakness or Huck strength in the Lone Star state. Or both.

Update (AP): I’ve goofed before on ARG for being an extreme outlier (especially vis-a-vis Fred), but if you want to see just how extreme, go here. You may have to scroll for awhile.

Rasmussen and Insider Advantage both have Lady Macbeth up, although the margin’s in question. And they’re, er, both also extreme outliers according to the Survey USA table.