Democrat Senator blocks new move to pass Semper Fi Act

I linked the raw form of this video yesterday. It’s the Berkeley Code Pinkos blocking the door to the USMC recruiting station while the police stand aside and do nothing about it. The RNCC has taken that video and turned it into a suitably outraged campaign ad.

I imagine that there will be “not all Democrats support this” blowback, but the fact is that Sen. Harry Reid used sly maneuvers to block the Semper Fi Act and now some Democrat senator has placed an anonymous hold on that bill. That’s a disgrace. The Democrats in the Senate are on the record siding with the protesters and Berkeley city council against the Marines. That’s a disgrace. The Berkeley city council attempted a backdown but didn’t apologize and many on the council and in the city continue to spew hate at the Marines. That’s a disgrace. It doesn’t matter what Harry Reid says to the contrary: He is helping the extremists make Berkeley a less welcoming place for the US Marines than some parts of Iraq’s Anbar province. That’s just a fact. And a disgrace.

Neither of the Democrat presidential candidates have weighed in. They ought to.

There has been some Semper Fi Act action on the Hill today. Sen. Jim DeMint offered the act as an amendment to the Indian Health Care bill. Says my source on the Hill:

JD is on the Senate Floor right now offering Semper Fi as an amendment to the Indian Health Care bill. He’s going around the secret hold and trying to force a vote before we recess this weekend…


Bingaman just blocked Semper Fi. DeMint offered Semper Fi as a second degree to Bingaman’s amendment that was first in line to the Indian Health Care bill (this would ensure that Semper Fi was the first vote today). Instead of voting to support the Marines, Bingaman just withdrew his amendment so no Democrats would have to decide between Marines and Code Pink.

That would be Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-NM). It’s ironic in light of today’s action that Sen. Bingaman prominently touts his work on behalf of veterans. If you’re interested in contacting Sen. Bingaman, here’s how.

# Tollfree in NM: (800) 443-8658
# TTY: (202) 224-1792