Video: Hillary4U&Me

The other day I posted something that I described as the worst political ad ever. It was that ratty ad making Hillary out to be a guitar hero who forsook the rock ‘n’ roll life to run for president. It was awful, but as it turns out I was wrong about it being the worst ad ever and I’m man enough to own that. The thing is, I was really wrong. Almost catastrophically wrong.

This is not an official Hillary Clinton ad. But like the Che flag in Obama’s local HQ, this video does reflect the thinking of Hillary supporters. It’s an attempt by people who actually support her to convince others to do likewise. Going by this video, the supporters A) can’t sing, B) can’t write lyrics and C) don’t have any real reason to support her. They’re just…singing. And dancing.

I’ll warn you now, once you watch this you won’t get the time back. It’s lost forever.