Hot Air retro: "Taqiyya"

I produced this video short before we started Hot Air, back when I was blogging at the JunkYardBlog. It’s the anatomy of the 2006 Cartoon Jihad, which hit its second anniversary this month.

Two years on after one of the most shameless and deadly Islamist scams ever devised, we find ourselves in worse shape in many ways than we were then. Dhimmitude has become a fact of life in Britain. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a woman without a country. Danish police broke up a plot to murder one of the cartoonists yesterday. But on the bright side, five Danish newspapers have reprinted one of the cartoons out of solidarity with that cartoonist and the concept of free speech. In Canada, Ezra Levant finds himself the target of a Human Rights Commission star chamber for printing the cartoons in the Western Standard. Even if that complaint ends up dropped, there are still three active complaints against Mark Steyn for citing statistics and quoting imams in his book, America Alone.

“Taqiyya” shows all of the offending cartoons, something most US networks still haven’t done, as it traces the work of the now deceased Islamist liar Abu Laban, and how he turned Danish newspaper cartoons into a global jihad.

*I originally had written that today is the second anniversary of Cartoon Jihad. It’s not, but this month does mark two years since it erupted.

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