New terror threat: Mommy bombs

Fox did a video segment on this new threat assessment earlier today.


The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is reminding law-enforcement officials of the increased use of female suicide bombers worldwide, and warning that women terrorists might hide explosives in devices “that mimic the look of a pregnant woman.”

The unclassified DHS threat assessment, released Monday and obtained by NBC News, shows photographs of “pregnancy prosthetics,” hollowed-out devices that could hold explosive devices. The report says “female suicide bombers have used devices that make them appear pregnant to hide explosive devices.”

The DHS report states that terrorists are using female bombers more frequently, in part because these attacks generate “more widespread media exposure.” It adds: “Continued use of female suicide bombers-the most recent example being a 3 February 2008 attack at the main railway station in Colombo, Sri Lanka-indicates that terrorists judge this tactic as effective in increasing defenses and thwarting security measures.”

Terrorists in Iraq have taken to using mentally impaired women as unwilling and unwitting suicide bombers. There is no depth to which they will not sink in carrying out their mass murders. In the Down Syndrome case, the terrorists are obviously using the assumed innocence of the bomb carriers to douse suspicion. In this case, they’re using the evidence of life to mask intent to kill.

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