Video: Michelle duels Linda Chavez on McCain's ability to unite the GOP

Just before this segment, John McCain delivered a brief impromptu speech in which he called for party unity under his banner, which he described as conservative. Michelle makes all the good and serious points against McCain, while Linda Chavez trots out McCain’s lifetime ACU rating of 83. That’s true, but what about the recent trend? The devil’s in the details, to say the least. Since 2001 McCain been “growing” in office, scoring just a 65 in 2006. And 83 makes him the 39th most conservative member of the Senate. That’s what rightly worries conservatives.

Can he unite this fractured party? As Michelle says, it’ll take action, not just words.

McCain has a crucial chance at CPAC Thursday.

Update: The beauty of blogs — Michelle follows up on the brief segment here.