Video: The moment Israeli medics realized they were treating the second bomber

Two Palestinian bombers attempted a mass killing in Israel today; one detonated his bomb, killing at least 1 woman and wounding 38 others. The second was wounded before he could trigger his device. He tried to set the bomb off with medics and anyone else nearby. An Israeli police officer ends the ordeal.

Moshe Malak knelt down and opened the injured man’s coat. It was then that he saw the unexploded suicide belt.

“All my life passed in a few seconds,” Mr Malak said.

“I knew he could explode at any time. I knew he could push the button at anytime. I shouted at everyone to clear away.”

Earlier, the 36-year-old lawyer had been sitting in his office when he heard a large explosion from the city’s shopping centre.

A Palestinian suicide bomber had detonated his explosives, killing one Israeli civilian and injuring several others.

Rushing to the scene, Mr Malak saw one man lying motionless with blood trickling from behind his ear.

It was a second suicide bomber who had apparently been injured in the initial blast and had then failed to detonate his explosives.